Heath 2-Piece Easy Clean Purple Martin Gourd 4/Pak

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Provide a comfortable home for purple martins to colonize!

Gourd entrance hole can be starling resistant (crescent shape) or converted to round

Heath Purple Martin Gourds have been providing homes for purple martins since 1986. The non-translucent almond color gourd reduces heat build-up in the summer, and has a longer life than natural gourds. The 2-piece gourd design makes cleaning easier. Each gourd has a molded rain drip guard that sheds water around the entrance hole while not detracting from the appearance of a natural gourd. Drainage slots in bottom helps prevent water build-up. The two halves snap together and are secured by a single screw. The crescent shaped starling resistant entrance hole allows martins passage, while preventing larger birds from entering the unit. If desired, the bottom of the entrance hole has perforations for making it into a standard round entrance (shown below). Made in the USA!


* Easy to clean
* Lightweight, off-white plastic gourd reflects heat
* Starling-resistant entrance holes installed and can be removed if not needed
* Rain deflector on the entry hole and drainage hole in bottom
* Mounting instructions and hardware included
* Made in the USA

Easy Clean Gourds are available in 4, 6 or 8 packs
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Gourd Dimensions:
8" dia. x 12.125"H; 2-1/8" entrance

Made in the USA

Heath 2-Piece Easy Clean Purple Martin Gourd 4/Pak