Lone Star Goliad Martin House w/Round Doors

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#LSTP Pole System (Optional):

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Superior Quality and Shipped Fully Assembled!

Expandable to a four, five or six story house!

The Goliad is one of the most flexible Martin houses on the market. The ability to stack additional floors makes it a great house for any small or large colony. Whether it's the reflective heat resistant white aluminum construction material or the insulated roof, this house caters to the Martin's needs. This house also boasts a large housing capacity of 12 cavities. One of the best qualities is its spacious interior featuring 6" x 6" x 12" rooms that comes standard on every Lone Star Martin House. The 12" deep compartments are compliant to PMCA's (Purple Martin Conservation Association) recommended compartment depth for Martin houses making this the ideal choice for Martins. The Goliad also comes with an option for Starling resistant crescent doors or the standard round holes. Made in the USA!

Standard Features:

Sturdy Construction - Hand made in the USA with aluminum, this house is designed to last.  The white aluminum also helps to reduce heat on those hot summer days reducing stress on the Martins and their fledglings.

12" Deep Nesting Cavities - Very large nesting cavity (6"x6"x12") provides plenty of interior room. Also promotes largter nests of fledglings and protects them against predators.

Porch Separation - With its 90 degree porch separation and off set porches this helps promote full occupancy with little or no wasted rooms.

Snap-Pin Door Latches - Our screw and bolt free snap-pin system allows you to easily access your houses cavity for cleaning or just to check on the Martins! Simply pull pin out to open - shut the door and it snaps back to securely lock in place.

Stainless Steel Hinges - Stainless steel door hinges help provide a long and near maintenance free life for this house. Also ensures that your doors will never rust.

Dimensions: 32.5"L X 32.5"W X 22.5"H (Assembled); Weuight: 35.40 lbs.

Note: Ships dimensionally oversized. Additional freight charges may apply depending on order size and destination zone.

No assembly required. Pole not included  

Made in the USA

Lone Star Pole System
 (available at checkout) - Includes everything you'll need to get your Lone Star Purple Martin House up and going. Comes with poles, winch and the ground socket. Measures 2" diameter and is made of steel.

Monitor your Lonestar Purple Martin Houses safely with the Lonestar Pole and Winch. The winch allows you to raise and lower your house easily, without the danger of your house crashing to the ground. The 2" square pole is electroplated with zinc. It comes in three five and a half foot long sections, connected with three specially designed "X" connectors made of ten gauge steel. Each connector lends support to the pole, and the 30" ground socket keeps your pole sturdy in the ground. The compact winch is also electroplated with zinc and attaches to the pole for easy access. Put your Lonestar purple martin house on a Lonestar Pole and Winch for easy maintenance and stability year after year. Assembly required.

Package Contents: One 16.5 foot long pole, One 30" ground socket, cable and winch system

Dimensions: 2"L x 2"W x 16.5'H; Weight: 46 lbs.

Lone Star Pole System w/Winch and Ground Socket