Heath Purple Martin Decoy w/Mount Set of 2

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Attract Purple Martins into your yard!

Attach one or more decoys to Martin houses or gourds to attract these beautiful birds.

As martins are social birds which prefer to live in colonies, establishing new housing can sometimes be difficult. Placing one or more of these decoys in and around your martin housing can help increase the chances of attracting the birds to your area. The plastic bird offers remarkable detail, such as vivid purple and black on the back and wings, texture reminiscent of individual feathers, and crossed tail feathers. An innovative clamp connects to the base of the decoy, enabling it to be placed on a perch, guardrail, or entering or exiting a gourd or home. Be sure to move the decoy every few days for more realism. Each decoy includes the mounting clamp, hardware, and instructions for placement on a variety of houses. Set of two decoys. Made in the USA!

Made in the USA

Dimensions: 6.75"L

Purple Martin Decoy