Conservation Saw-Whet/Screech Owl House

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A perfect home for Saw-Whet and Screech Owls!

We make a habitat for every species of cavity nesting bird in North America. All of our products are correct for the species, easy to clean, well insulated and provide for the proper drainage. Every house includes an educational brochure specific to the species.

Eastern Screech Owls are found east of the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic. The species ranges from the Canadian boreal forests south to Mexico. They live in all forest types and prefer woodlands that are interspersed with the open clearings, meadows, and fields necessary for hunting. They also inhabit wetlands, orchards, suburban parks and gardens and towns. Western Screech Owls range all along the western coast of the continent from Canada south to the Baja peninsula and into Mexico, and they are found as far east as the western border of Texas. They usually live at lower elevations and prefer open oak and riparian woodlands and seasonally wet areas. They also inhabit streamside groves, deserts, suburban parks, and gardens. Nests are typically found in natural cavities, abandoned woodpecker holes, and hollow stumps and limbs. The western species also nests in saguaro cactus cavities and abandoned magpie nests. Both species use nest boxes, and field studies show that boxes are selected as often as natural cavities for nest sites.

Our Screech Owl House provides a perfect cavity, complete with wood chips for nesting material. Optional Slate Squirrel Guard available to provide extra protection from squirrels that like to enlarge the entrance hole and occupy a bird house. The Screech Owl House should be mounted under a tree limb 10 to 30 feet high facing north. Two to three inches of wood shavings should be added for nesting material.

Optional Slate Guard available at checkout. Keep predators and threats to your backyard owl boxes at bay using the Conservation Slate Hole Protector. Placing a guard at the entryway to your screech owl abode creates a hardy, dependable deterrent against invasive behavior, while instilling your landscaping with natural appeal. The guard is sourced from upcycled, eastern slate roofing to lend an interesting and quaint flair to your birding setup, and the staunch unit features has a sizable 3" diameter hole to fend off larger predators.

Optional Extra Wood Chips 3 Bags/Pack (available at checkout).

These pine shavings provide an annual replenishment of nesting material for woodpeckers, ducks, owls, etc. Better than sawdust, which can mat down and retain moisture. Sold by the gallon bag for individual houses. 10-1/2" x 10-1/2"

Saw-Whet / Screech Owl House Dimensions: 17-3/4"h x 9-1/4"w x 11"d; 3" entrance hole; Weight: 11 lbs.

All Conservation Owl Houses are constructed of quality Eastern White Pine. Proudly made in the USA!

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Eastern Screech Owl 

Western Screech Owl 

Whiskered Screech Owl

Watch owls nesting!

Mount our Hawk Eye Nature Video Camera inside your owl house - connect the nature cam to your television or computer and see what that Saw-Whet or Screech Owl does during those long weeks as she sits on her eggs. Listen too. The Hawk Eye’s sensitive microphone brings all the sounds of nature right into your television. CLICK HERE to learn more!

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