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View nature's glory in high definition!

Our High Definition (HD) Hawk Eye Nature Cam will open up undiscovered worlds of bird and wildlife behavior. You may well see things no one has seen before!

If you've ever compared regular TV to High Definition (HD) TV you'll know what we mean when we say "Oh Wow! That is an incredible picture." In this case, we were referring to the video coming from this, the newest nature cam. Believe us, if birds had eye lashes, you'd be able to see each and every one with this amazing camera.

The Hawk Eye HD has 700 tvl (television lines) vs. 380 on our original Hawk Eye. The Hawk Eye HD also has 10 infrared diodes for unsurpassed night vision and a crystal clear microphone to bring all the sounds of nature into the living room. The cam connects to any television or video compatible computer through a 75' detachable AV/power cable, which is included with the camera. This is the same cable used for the original Hawk Eye, so the Hawk Eye HD can be plugged into existing Hawk Eye extension cables.

Although its small size and night vision capabilities make it perfect for inside a birdhouse, you will be impressed with the full, saturated colors it produces when aimed at bird feeders and baths, those pesky deer browsing through the garden, pets, and livestock, or anything else you chose to watch.

Ships in white box. Hawk Eye HD includes: * Color HD Camera, with night vision, microphone, variable focus lens * 75' AV/power cable * 12 volt, power adapter * Instructions

High Definition HD Hawk Eye Nature Video Camera 

We offer four birdhouses with the Hawk Eye Video Camera already mounted inside: The Backyard Birdhouse w/Hawk Eye Cam High Definition #BHSC101HD, Backyard Birdhouse w/Standard Hawk Eye Cam #BHSC101 both constructed out of Eastern White Pine; also the Northwoods Cedar Birdhouse w/Hawk Eye Cam High Definition #BHSC102CHD; and the Northwoods Cedar Birdhouse w/Standard Hawk Eye Cam #BHSC102C. All birdhouses are approved by the North Ameican Bluebird Society.  

You can also mount the High Definition (HD) Hawk Eye Nature Camera and Standard Hawk Eye Nature Cam inside other nest boxes that we offer in our store.  See our Bluebird Houses, Wren/Chickadee Houses, Owl Houses, Woodpecker/Flicker Houses, Wood Duck Houses, and Squirrel Houses.


See the Hawk Eye in Action!!

Click Here to watch more video!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I extend the Hawk Eye beyond its 75 feet of cable?  Yes, the Hawk Eye can be extended out at least 500 feet, by daisy-chaining a series of our 75' extension cables, which we offer for sale (Item #BHSC103EC). Extension cable is available at checkout.

Our Hawk Eye video camera comes with a 75-foot cord, but if you're like alot of people, your birdhouse is 100' away from the house. You have three options. Move the tree; move the house; or buy our 75' cable extension. Our FREE advice . . . buy the extension!

How difficult is it to hook up the Hawk Eye cams?  It really couldn't be easier. Simply hang the birdhouse, or attach the Hawk Eye to a post overlooking a feeder; run the cable into the house, plug the audio and video plugs into the appropriate RCA jacks (video-in and audio-in) in the back of the TV. Plug in the power and sit back and enjoy. Here are the complete Hawk Eye mounting instructions in .pdf

How do I get the cord into the house?
Just drill through the nearest wall, and run the cord through. Of course you must be sure to avoid any electrical wires or water pipes, and be sure to calk the hole shut.

Your spouse isn't too keen on that idea? OK, then run the cord under a door. Most have a 1/4 "+ gap between the floor and door, which is sealed with a flexible plastic or rubber weather strip. Most doors will easily close with the cord running beneath them.

That won't work? How about through a loose fitting window jam?  That won't work?  Do you have a sliding door? There's quite a gap between the sliding part of the door and the permanent, non-sliding side. This is sealed by a rubber gasket or flap through which the camera cord can easily be pushed. Make sure the cord is then attached to the floor or baseboard so that it does not fall into the track the door slides in.