BirdSong IdentiFlyer Starter Kit

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The Audio Bird Call Dictionary!

The BirdSong IdentiFlyer Starter Kit takes your birding experiences to a new level. Listen for an actual bird song you want to identify. Slide a SongCard into the player and press any of the 10 buttons until you recognize the recording that matches the real bird song. Next to the button is the picture and name of the bird you heard.

The IdentiFlyer Starter Kit is complete with

  • 6 SongCards - Yardbirds Series 1 & 2, Eastern YardBirds, Western YardBirds, plus your choice of any two cards from our SongCard collection! (select at checkout)
  • Cool Carrying Case 
  • Batteries
  • Guidebook


200 Birds/Frogs and Their Songs on 19 SongCards!

More than 200 birds and frogs along with stunning color illustrations, are organized on 19 interchangeable SongCards and play through the IdentiFlyer SongPlayer. SongCards are arranged by habitat making it easy AND rewarding to recognize birds in your area even on your VERY FIRST try. Simply slide in different SongCards to explore the entire world of birding. A must for nature lovers of all ages and expertise!

View SongCards...HERE!!

IdentiFlyer Starter Kit includes these SongCards

YardBirds - Series 1

YardBirds - Series 2

Eastern YardBirds


Western YardBirds

Plus...Your choice of two more SongCards from our complete collection! (select at checkout) Note: Western Warblers SongCard is a two card set.  Additional charges are applied to invoice at checkout.

BirdSong IdentiFlyer Kit includes the "Cool" Carrying Case!


This custom made carrying case makes a great addition to your IdentiFlyer adding easy organization and protection for the IdentiFlyer and your cards.  Safely protects your IdentiFlyer when you take it in the field AND carries up to 17 SongCards!

Also Available... The BirdSong IdentiFlyer Ultimate Kit

The complete BirdSong IdentiFlyer Kit, 19 SongCards and a FREE "Cool" Carrying Case...all at a special price!