IdentiFlyer SongCards

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Identiflyer SongCards:

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Category : Bird Call Identification
Category : Birdhouse Cameras, Wildlife Cameras, Bird Callers


140 Birds and Their Songs on 14 SongCards!

140 birds along with stunning color illustrations, are organized on 14 interchangeable SongCards and play through the Classic IdentiFlyer, Ducks Unlimited (DU) IdentiFlyer, National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) IdentiFlyer, and Singing Alarm Clock. SongCards are arranged by habitat making it easy AND rewarding to recognize birds in your area even on your VERY FIRST try. Simply slide in different SongCards to explore the entire world of birding. A must for nature lovers of all ages and expertise!

Note: These SongCards are not compatible with Identiflyer Lyric

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Diving Ducks SongCard

Raptors Two (Hawks)

Raptors Three (Falcons, Eagles, Etc.)

Birds of the Southwest 1

Birds of the Southwest 2

Birds of the South

Eastern YardBirds SongCard

Western YardBirds SongCard

Field & Meadow SongCard

Forest SongCard

Lakes & Rivers SongCard

SeaShore SongCard

Marsh & Wetlands SongCard