Peanut Bell 18 oz 12/Pack

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Birdie Bell Holder (Optional):

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Category : Seed Bells


For Peanut Loving Backyard Birds!

Seed Bells are a great way to attract more birds into your backyard. Seed Bells are packaged with a colorful net that is ready to hang on trees and shrubs. Top quality peanuts, seed and grains are used to attract a larger variety of wild birds. Contains: 100% Chopped Peanuts. Made in the USA!

18 oz Bell, 12 Bells/Pack

Dimensions: 5" x 5.5" x 5"

Made in the USA

Optional Songbird Birdie Bell Holder! Available at checkout

Songbird Birdie Bell Holder

Songbird Birdie Bell Holder is a versatile hanging wire cage that can be used to hold seed bells, nesting naterial, suet or fruit!