Songbird Birdie Bell Feeder w/Three Seed Bells

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Attract a wide variety of songbirds to your yard!

The all weather Birdie Bell works great for holding bird seed bells, fruit or nesting material. Our popular seed bells fit perfectly inside the Birdie Bell feeder. Small songbirds love to cling to the sides of the Birdie Bell while feeding on our tempting seed bells.

Seed Bells are a great way to attract more birds into your backyard. Seed Bells come packaged with a colorful net that is ready to hang on trees and shrubs, or simply place them in our versatile Songbird Birdie Bell Feeder. Top quality peanuts, seed and grains are used to attract a larger variety of wild birds. Seed Bells are made in the USA with all natural seed ingredients.

This feeding package includes the Songbird Birdie Bell Feeder w/Hanger and 3 Seed Bells. Your choice of the following Seed Bell flavors: Mixed Seed (16oz), Fruit Berry & Nut (16oz), Black Oil Sunflower (11oz), Chopped Peanut (18oz), or Finch Bell (18oz). Select seed bell flavor at checkout.

Feeder Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 6.5"

Optional Songbird Nesting Material!

Simply the Best Nesting Material Available!

Songbird Birdie Bell with Nesting Material Mixture

Watch your backyard birds build a nest!

Songbird Nesting Material Mixture is the only nesting material available that contains a blend of five natural-colored materials preferred by North American Nesting Birds!  Feathers, Cotton, Hemp, and Aspen fiber are all included!  Because it contains all the above, Songbird Nesting Material Mixture attracts many more birds than "cotton only" mixtures. The birds will love it!

Two bags of Songbird Nesting Material Mixture per pack. Available at checkout

Songbird Nesting Material Mixture