Classic Butterfly House Yellow

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Provide garden butterflies a bright and lasting refuge!

Classic Butterfly House Yellow - Offer beautiful butterflies shelter in your garden using the Classic Yellow Butterfly House. Many of these captivating insects hibernate through the cold winter months, and also require a refuge during summer rainstorms. Providing this home creates a place for butterflies to hide from predators, stay dry, and rest. The front panel of this shelter has three elongated slots, mimicking crevices in wood piles or bark that butterflies often use for protection. A pitched roof covers the roost, with wooden shakes on it for added design. A hanging tab on the back of the home enables it to be placed on a post or against a wall, while the flat base allows it to attach to a pole with a mounting bracket (not included). The back panel removes from the box, so you can place twigs and leaves in it for added hiding spots. The striking yellow hue enhances your flowers, and the wooden construction creates a safe haven. Provide butterflies a bright and lasting refuge in your yard with the Classic Yellow Butterfly House. Proudly made in the USA!

Note: Climate and the elements will weather the house and change its appearance over time; however, weathering will add to the item's natural charm without compromising its function. Should you want to preserve the finish (paint), you should select a polyurethane product that is recommended for marine use (UV Rated). You should expect that once left outside, the product will weather and require refinishing.
Dimensions: 7.25"W x 6"D x 13"H; Weight: 4 lbs.

Mounting: wall, post, or pole mount

Construction: wood