Conservation Butterfly Vivarium

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The perfect butterfly palace!

Conservation Butterfly Vivarium - The Butterfly Vivarium is specifically designed as an ideal environment for observing the magical transformation of caterpillars into beautiful butterflies. Its spacious interior is large enough to hold a plant thus providing nutrition for its inhabitants. The screened windows and rough wooden interior provide ideal surfaces for clinging while the sliding Plexiglas front provides easy access. Handcrafted. Quality eastern white pine construction. Made in the USA!

Witness the magical transformation of caterpillars into butterflies by observing them up close inside the Conservation Butterfly Vivarium. This gorgeous, pine unit is specifically designed to provide an ideal environment for you to view this amazing natural transformation, with its screened windows and plexiglass front providing all around viewing access to the activities inside the box. The item's spacious interior is generous enough to house a plant, letting you be sure there is adequate nutrition and sustenance within the box. A helpful knob lets you slide the plexiglass front out of top and bottom slats to allow full access to the inside of the unit for plant distribution, cleaning, and assorted maintenance, and the screened windows give you unhindered visibility from any angle as you observe. With a rough hewn finish, the interior is ideal for clinging as these creatures move about, and the sustainably sourced pine will weather to a charming gray hue with repeated exposure to time and outdoor elements for a lovely appearance over continual use. Simply place this rustic box on a flat, level surface and enjoy hours of entertainment as you observe butterflies like never before. Learn about the transformative properties of caterpillars and monitor butterflies in your garden with the brilliant Butterfly Vivarium. 

Butterfly Vivarium Dimensions: 
11"h x 11"w x 13"d; Weight: 5 lbs. 

Made in the USA