Conservation Kestrel House

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Sized just right for the American Kestrel and small owls!

We make a habitat for every species of cavity nesting bird in North America. All of our products are correct for the species, easy to clean, well insulated and provide for the proper drainage. Every house includes an educational brochure specific to the species.

The American Kestrel cannot excavate its own cavity so, the kestrel population is often dependent upon nesting boxes. Included is an interior perch so the mother and babies can keep a sharp eye for their next meal. Wood chips are included. Quality eastern white pine construction, Made in the USA!

Optional Slate Predator Guard available at checkout

Kestrel House

Kestrel House Dimensions:

17-3/4-1/2"h x 9-1/4"w x 11"d; 3" diameter entrance hole

Made in the USA

American Kestrel

Description: Formerly called the Sparrow Hawk, the kestrel eats insects and small rodents. House includes an internal perch (shown in photo with door open) so mother and babies can keep an eye out for their next meal.  

Habitat: Lives in towns and cities, parks, farmlands, along highways and in open country  

Range: Breeds from Alaska and Northwest Territories east through Maritime Provinces, and south throughout continent. Winters north to British Columbia, Great Lakes and New England.


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