Conservation Flicker House

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Sized just right for Northern Flickers!

We make a habitat for every species of cavity nesting bird in North America. All of our products are correct for the species, easy to clean, well insulated and provide for the proper drainage. Every house includes an educational brochure specific to the species.

Northern Flickers use boxes quite regularly. This house is similar to the three Woodpeckers House, but larger to accomodate the 12-inch body. Comes complete with wood chips for excavating and a slate squirrel guard. Constructed out of quality Eastern White Pine. Made in the USA!

Conservation Flicker House - Provide northern flickers a lasting shelter designed to specifically meet their needs when you place the Conservation Flicker House in your bird garden. These common woodpeckers readily utilize manmade bird houses, and this durable pine option wonderfully creates a quaint respite for these feathered friends. The 2.5" diameter entry hole allows these birds access to the deep chamber, while its slate guard is made from authentic, century-old roofing material from the northeast, giving you a unique feature to prevent other woodpeckers from enlarging the entryway. A downward slanted roof sports a generous overhang to add protection against unwanted weather conditions, and rounded edges on the roof keep water from dripping into the shelter. Gaps in the corners of the natural, pine base provide additional drainage to ensure that the home's inhabitants remain comfortable and dry. An included bag of wood chips simulates the natural roosting activities of these flickers, providing a useful accessory as you help them establish a reliable habitat. The 0.75" thick pine boards insulate the domicile, and ventilation slots just under the sides of the roof keep the internal temperature well regulated for optimal comfort. A single side panel lifts upward for periodic nest checks or seasonal cleanings, and the unembellished pine body will age to a striking gray for a striking and varied look among your landscaping. A metal loop hanger on the rear panel of the nest box encourages you to place it against your wall or fence line, or you may add a mounting bracket (not included) to handsomely display the home on a pole or post. The robust construction of this handy abode gives you a wonderful dwelling that will remain vibrant in your bird sanctuary for many seasons of service, inviting new birds to peacefully nest in your area. Beautify your garden and attract activity and entertainment from feathered friends with the Conservation Flicker House. 

Optional Extra Wood Chips 3 Bags/Pack available at checkout.

These pine shavings provide an annual replenishment of nesting material for woodpeckers, ducks, owls, etc. Better than sawdust, which can mat down and retain moisture. Sold by the gallon bag for individual houses. 10-1/2" x 10-1/2" 

Flicker House Dimensions:

17-3/4"h x 9-1/2""w x 11"d; 2-1/2" entrance hole; Weight: 9 lbs.  

 Ships dimensional oversized. Additional freight may be required depending on order size and destination zone.

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Northern Flicker 

Watch Flickers Nesting!

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