No/No Mesh Gnome Feeder

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Add a touch of whimsy to your backyard bird garden!

With the NO/NO Mesh Gnome Feeder, you get an unbeatable combination of whimsical design and practical function in one great feeder. This unforgettable feeder features a unique gnome design, complete with a hat-shaped lid, which is sure to delight your guests! Best of all, this little gnome dispenses seed from the entire surface area through diamond-mesh holes. Clinging birds can rest anywhere on the feeder and pull seed through the holes, allowing more birds to feed at once.
* Friendly garden gnome design
* Twist gnome's hat to open and fill with sunflower seeds
* Mesh design allows more birds to feed at once
* Durable all-metal bird feeder with built-in hanging loop
* Holds up to 2 lb of sunflower seed

 6" x 6" x 12.5"

NO-NO Mesh Gnome Bird Feeder