No/No Red Cardinal Collapsible Wire Mesh Feeder

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The No/No Bird Feeder is a collapsible wire basket, black oil sunflower bird feeder. This feeder is environmentally wood -no plastic. Makes feeding fun for you and your feathered friends. Fill with black oil sunflower seed or a mixture of sunflower/safflower to attract Cardinals and a wide variety of songbirds.

Advantages of the "NO/NO" Bird Feeder

  • NO Wood and NO Plastic
  • Lasts for Years and Years
  • No Assembly - Easy to hang and fill
  • Feeds 15 to 20 birds at once
  • Huge feeding area accommodates both clinging and perching birds at the same time
  • Holds over 2.5 lbs of Black Oil sunflower seeds, the most popular seed for wild birds
  • The feeders resist squirrel damage 
  • No cleaning needed (But is dishwasher-safe if You insist)
  • Rain or snow just run or blow right through it
  • The simple wire mesh design helps to protect birds from Avian diseases
  • Makes a No-hassle gift idea for friends and family
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

Dimensions: 11.5" x 11.5" x 6"