Bee & Insect Hotel

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Category : Mason Bee Houses, Beneficial Insect Shelters
Category : Ladybug Houses


Attract beneficial insects to your garden landscape!

Naturally maintain and improve the health of the plants in your yard, landscape, or garden by attracting beneficial insects!

This insect house's multi-chamber design attracts the largest variety of beneficial insects (4 Chambers).

Boost your garden's productivity by providing a happy home for peaceful, non-stinging Mason bees. Slightly smaller than honeybees, mason bees are incredible pollinators. Each one visits as many as 1000 blooms per day — 20 times as many as a honeybee! Hang this natural wood house against a tree or wall where it will get morning sun and attract mason bees. Female bees fill the bamboo tubes with their eggs, and nectar and pollen for the young to eat. These colorful bee boxes make wonderful gifts for nature lovers any time of the year!

INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT: Attract predatory insects like lacewings and lady bugs to help reduce plant damage from pests like aphids and caterpillars without the use of harsh pesticides.

Attracts these beneficial insects:  Mason Bees, Leafcutter Bees, Lacewings, Ladybugs and more!

Dimensions: 5”L x 5.18"W x 11”H; Weight 2.1 lbs.

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