Mason Bee Lodge

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Attract Mason Bees To Your Garden!

What helps create beautiful flowering gardens and big, juicy fruit and vegetables?


Small, blue-black Mason Bees are nature's mild mannered, peaceful pollinators that bring bountiful harvests to gardens and orchards.

We Need The Bees!

In the last few years, the honeybee population has plummeted from an onslaught of foreign mites and viruses. The Orchard Mason Bee population has not been affected and is the planet's most effective pollinator.

And The Bees Need Us!

Mason Bees are unable to tunnel holes for their nests - they rely on existing holes of the right size. By providing nesting sites, we can help these bees fulfill their life's mission, while they provide us with better quality gardens and crops.

Place our Mason Bee Lodge close to your garden and encourage this beneficial insect to pollinate your garden. Mason Bees are smaller and less aggressive than honey bees. They are a solitary bee that usually nests in the empty hollow left in trees by woodpeckers or insects. Often they will nest in the hollow end of a reed or plant stem as well. Since they are non-aggressive, when given a good place to live many bees will nest close together (though they will not work together nor aid each other). The Mason Bee gathers lumps of pollen which is packed into a ball and placed in the back of the nest. A single egg is placed on the pollen ball (which is used as food for the emerging larva) and then the packet is sealed in the tube using mud. A single bee will form several cells in a nest hole before the cold weather forces them into dormancy. Then in the spring, as your new crops begin to bloom, the young emerge to begin the cycle again. A bee house like this, once occupied, can generate new bees indefinitely and is an invaluable resource for pollination. House your local Mason bees, and they will return the favor by making your garden fruitful.

Handcrafted from durable, recycled redwood. Made in the USA

Dimensions: 11.5" X 5.5" X 5.5"; Weight: 3.2 lbs.

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