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How to Get Rid of These Pests has Never Been Easier.

Raccoons are some of the smartest mammals found in North America. They are endearing creatures and appear very innocent. They can grow quite bold however if given an invitation around your home. Although they usually appear non-violent, they can be extremely tenacious. Be sure to remove or secure any sources of food, as well as entry points into your house or attic. In order to get rid of raccoons and break their habits, introducing a raccoon deterrent is essential. Now there is a product that is safe and easy to use.

Shake-Away the Strongest Raccoon Deterrent in Nature
What is Shake-Away and how does it get rid of raccoons? It is a strong, granular repellent that contains the scent of the animal’s most feared rival, the coyote.
Shake-Away Large Animal Powder uses the scent of the coyote to take advantage of the raccoon’s inborn, instinctive fear of its rival, driving the pest from your property.
Raccoon Factoid:
Raccoons normally forage for food at night. If you find one using your cat door or garbage area, be sure to move and secure any garbage (food) they may be able to smell from outside. This step and the introduction of a deterrent will go a long way to changing this habit.

Simply sprinkle Shake-Away around the area you want to protect, and your animal pest will instinctively stay away from the area "claimed by" the coyote
Woodsmen have known for hundreds of years that the predator’s territorial marking tool, urine, strategically attracts or repels animals. Now you can use this scientifically proven, time-tested strategy with Shake-Away raccoon deterrent.
Shake-Away Large Animal Powder contains the scent (urine) of a predator more dominant than the raccoon, the coyote. By introducing the scent of a "predator", you send a forceful message to the offending raccoon(s). That message is; This area has now been "claimed" by a much bigger threat. Rather than risk a potentially harmful conflict, your trespassing pest will now look for another spot for food or shelter.
Now you can use this same scientifically proven, time tested tactic to do your own deer control. By simply sprinkling Shake-Away around the area you want to protect, your pest will instinctively steer clear of the area "claimed" by the Coyote.
How to Get Rid of Raccoons Safely, Easily, Naturally
Other animal control methods are time consuming to use, messy to apply and some are even harmful to people, plants and animals.
Shake-Away is different. Look at the benefits:


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