What is Shake-Away Predator Deterrent?

Be Critter Free Naturally!
The Safe, Easy, Organic, Guaranteed Way! 
Shake-Away is an effective all natural animal repellent in granular form. The distinctive ingredient is predator urine from the Coyote, Fox or Bobcat.
Through a patented process, the urine is integrated with a unique granular material. This special process captures the odor of the predator in granular form, for longer protection and easier application.
Animals have a sense of smell MANY times greater than humans. They use this keen sense of smell to communicate in many ways.  Predators communicate with urine "markings" to establish their territorial boundaries. Animals of prey understand this and avoid an area "marked" by an enemy. The scent of the predator's urine communicates that a mortal threat is prowling nearby.
Now You can use this method of communication to get rid of your invading pests. Shake-Away creates a FEAR Barrier around the area you want to protect.
The Benefits of Shake-Away are many:
Shake-Away is extremely easy to use. You simply sprinkle the powder around the perimeter of the area you want to protect.
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