Shake-Away All Natural Deer Repellent

Be Critter Free Naturally!
The Safe, Easy, Organic, Guaranteed Way! 

All Natural Deterrent for an Easy
to use Deer Control Solution.

Deer are some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, yet they can and do cause a lot of plant damage. Stop the destruction of your hard work and beautiful plants with deer control you can do... Shake-Away deterrent.
Shake-Away the Strongest Deer Deterrent in Nature
What is Shake-Away deer deterrent? It is a powerful granular product that takes advantage of the strongest repellent in the animal kingdom… inborn, instinctive FEAR.
Shake-Away Deer & Large Animal Powder contains the scent of the pests worst enemy, the Coyote.

Deer Factoid:
Deer populations have fluctuated wildly over the past few hundred years. In the late 19th century populations were declining. By the 1930’s new hunting laws sparked a rebound. Where populations once hovered around 10 per square mile, now many areas have populations in the 30 per square mile range.

Simply sprinkle Shake-Away around the area you want to protect, and your pest will instinctively stay away from the area "claimed by" the coyote. 
Woodsmen have understood the natural law of predator and prey for hundreds of years. Strategically, they use the predator’s territorial marking tool, urine to successfully attract and repel animals.  Now you can use this scientifically proven, time-tested strategy with Shake-Away to stop deer damage.
Get Control of Your Deer Problem Safely, Easily
Other animal control methods are time consuming to use, messy to apply and some are even harmful to people, plants and animals.
Shake-Away is different. Look at the benefits:


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