Pole Mount Wraparound Disk Baffle Black 24 Inch

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Prevent squirrel and raccoon access to bird feeders!

Provide a handy way to stop squirrels from accessing your birding accessories with the Black Wrap-Around Pole Mounted Squirrel Baffle. This generous, disc shaped baffle prevents marauding squirrels from climbing your birding pole and invading your bird houses or feeders, giving you a simple method for keeping backyard birds safe and their feeding stations unspoiled. The powder-coated, galvanized steel body makes a staunch unit that will not be chewed or destroyed by rodents, while the black finish and wavy design add an interesting visual element to this striking piece. The wrap-around design allows you to easily install this baffle around a 0.5" to 1" diameter pole, with a locking tab on one edge of the unit connecting to complete the substantial, 24" diameter circle. An included, metal coupler keeps the item in place on your pole, ensuring stability; the solid, metal construction provides reliable support and eliminates the threat of damage from animal chewing. The oval opening in the center of the baffle perfectly surrounds your existing pole, and the locking tab and mounting collar help complete the easy setup. Make sure your bird feeders and houses remain guarded and safe from unwanted squirrel activity with this Black Wrap-Around Pole Mounted Squirrel Baffle. Included metal collar. Made in the USA!

Note: This description refers only to the Wrap-Around Pole Mounted Squirrel Baffle, Black, 24" dia. The pole shown is not included.

Dimensions: 24" diameter x .25"H; Weight 5 lbs.

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Made in the USA