Barrier Guard Caged Bluebird Mealworm Feeder

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#YSFFN Pole Adapter (Optional):

#BGFPA1 Perch Accessory (Optional):

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Provide a safe haven for beautiful bluebirds to feed on mealworms!

Bluebird feeder with blue baffle and durable protective cage!

Includes removeable scalloped blue glass mealworm dish!

Welcome bluebirds with a durable and secure feeder full of plump juicy mealworms! The Mealworm Barrier Guard Bluebird Feeder is a backyard feeding station for hungry bluebirds. Handcrafted out of sturdy 16 gauge vinyl-coated wire mesh with 1-1/2" openings keeps out aggressive starlings and nuisance squirrels. Large, powder-coated galvanized steel baffles provide shelter from inclement weather and channels rainwater away. Includes plastic-coated metal hanging cable. Blue or Clear glass feeding dish holds four ounces of tasty mealworms. Hang or pole mount with optional pole mount adapter. Attract beautiful bluebirds to your yard with the Mealworm Barrier Guard Caged Bluebird Feeder. Made in the USA!

Baffle Color: Blue

Dish Color: Blue or Clear Glass (Color depends on availability)

Dimensions: 14" x 14" x 8" (without hanger); Weight: 7 lbs

Made in the USA

Optional Pole Mount Adapter! Available at checkout.

Pole Mount Adapter for All Barrier Guard Bird Feeders

Optional Pole Mount Adapter (#YSFFN) allows you to attach this feeder to the top of any 1" outside diameter feeder pole. Simply slip the adaper on pole and tighten with thumb screw.  Available at checkout

Optional Perch Accessory!  Available at checkout

Barrier Guard Feeder Perch Accessory

Optional Perch assembly for Barrier Guard Feeders. Easy assembly and mounting instructions included.  CLICK HERE for instructions.