Seed Hoop Bird Seed Catcher

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The SeedHoop Bird Feeding System

Available in 16", 24" and 30" diameter sizes

Feeding Birds Can Be Messy

Let Us Help You Clean It Up!

The Problem                              

The Solution

The SeedHoop can be adapted to attach to virtually any bird feeder without modifying the feeder. It is lightweight and durable. Birds like feeding on it, especially ground feeders. Available in standard 30" diameter - Shown above hanging from the Rubicon Recycled Plastic 2.5 Quart Large Hopper Feeder (sold separately), 24" diameter, and 16" diameter - Shown below with the Rubicon Recycled Plastic Small Hopper Feeder w/Sloped Tray (sold separately) that is perfect for shepherd hooks and tubular bird feeders. Select Seed Hoop size at checkout.

Seed Hoop 16" Diameter 

In short, the SeedHoop:

  • Adapts to virtually all bird feeders (bird feeder sold separately) 
  • Available in three sizes: 30", 24" or 16" diameter
  • Is durable, lightweight and sturdy
  • Easy to attach or store
  • Saves money, catching up to 90% of spilled seed
  • Protects lawn and garden, protecting them from rotting seeds, weeds, and damage to grass
  • No mess on the ground for you to have to clean up
  • Serves as a platform feeder, keeping birds safe from ground predators
  • Eliminates a food source for rodents
  • Increases pleasure in bird watching, as more birds feed and they feed in full view

SeedHoop Product Specifications

The 30”, 24" or 16" diameter base is made of lightweight exterior grade vinyl-coated fiberglass mesh which catches spilled seed but allows water to drain and seeds to dry. The SeedHoop frame is made of lightweight tempered steel wire that provides flexibility so that it can be twist folded and collapsed to fit into a bag about 1/3 its expanded size. The 1/2” sleeve is made of exterior grade polyester, as is the storage bag. Heavy nylon straps sewn to the outer circumference, attach corrosion resistant D-rings to the hoop. The attaching hooks are also made of corrosion resistant metal. The round button cord snap and small connecting hooks are made of plastic. Cords are nylon.


Attaching The SeedHoop to Hanging Bird Feeders:

  1. Lay the SeedHoop on the ground or other flat surface.
  2. Place your bird feeder in the center of the SeedHoop.
  3. Attach the snap hooks to the D rings on the SeedHoop.
  4. Adjust each cord by squeezing the button and pulling the cord through to the desired length.
  5. Hook the metal hooks over the rim of your bird feeder, distributing them as evenly as possible.

Note: The optimum distance the SeedHoop should hang below your feeder is about 6” -- If it exceeds 6”, more seed will be lost; less than 6”, birds will not be able to feed as easily under the feeder.

Attaching The SeedHoop To Pole Feeders:

  1. Remove your bird feeder from the pole.
  2. In the center of the SeedHoop, cut a small X (just smaller than the diameter of the pole).
  3. Gently push the SeedHoop over the top of the pole (if needed, enlarge the X just enough to allow the SeedHoop to fit snugly over the pole).
  4. Reposition the bird feeder on the pole.
  5. Attach the snap hooks to the D rings on the SeedHoop.
  6. Adjust each cord by squeezing the button and pulling the cord through to the desired length.
  7. Hook the metal hooks over the rim of your bird feeder, distributing them as evenly as possible.

Storing The SeedHoop: Unhook the SeedHoop from the bird feeder; remove the snap hooks from the D rings and store the cords in the bag provided. Twist the SeedHoop in thirds and insert into the storage bag. Put the cord bag in the storage bag.

Seed Hoop

The Perfect Solution! 

Read what people are saying about The SeedHoop...

"Before using the SeedHoop, my husband was about to ban bird feeders from our yard because of the mess. No more! The SeedHoop catches almost all of the spilled seed! Birds use the hoop as a platform feeder so the seed is not wasted and we love the unobstructed view watching the birds feed. We are spending far less on birdseed too." Ann, Utah

"I like the versatility of the SeedHoop and find it to be an ideal accessory! It fits all feeders, catches seed, and performs as a platform feeder too! It holds up and performs well.” Bill, Alabama

"I think the SeedHoop is a really good idea! Mine keeps the ground feeders up off the ground and away from the neighborhood cats. Less seed is lost, especially in the winter when spilled seed is otherwise buried in the snow on the ground. I have it on my pole feeder and it has held up well against wind." Debbie, Nebraska

"I have been very happy with the SeedHoop used in our yard. It has more than doubled our pleasure in bird watching. Birds are social creatures and the seed hoop provides a platform for many birds to gather at the same time. When one bird comes to the hoop and is safely eating, others quickly fly in and join in the feast. In addition to the pleasure of watching the many that congregate, knowing the seed is being better utilized is further appreciated. The hoop makes for less waste and less mess at the same time as bringing in more birds. Thanks for a good product!" Elwood, Maryland 


“The SeedHoop made feeding birds nice! Before, the seed would get on the ground. Then it built up and when it got wet, it started to rot and smell. It’s more cost-effective too, because the birds are eating the seed that normally would have gotten dumped on the ground. It gives the ground-feeding birds a place where they can be safe. It’s fabulous, especially for someone who doesn’t want to see hard-earned money dumped on the ground.” Shane, California