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A parasite free bird is a happy bird!

CareFree Martin House Protector is a product for the true birding enthusiast who cares deeply about our avian friends. This proprietary blend of natural enzymes works quickly and remains effective for long periods of time.

Birds are true scavengers that look for food and building materials for their breeding nests. Because of this scavenging behavior, birds are highly susceptible to picking up parasites. Migratory birds also spread parasites from one to another. Once a bird is infected, it carries these contaminants to the birdhouse. Birdhouses are major breeding grounds to all kinds of parasites and to deadly viruses. Arthropods such as ants and spiders also make their homes in Birdhouses. They feed on these parasites as well as the young brood and adult bird. Birdhouses are truly a major breeding ground.

What parasites are most common in a birdhouse?

Fleas, mites and lice. These parasites love the breeding conditions of birdhouses. Arthropods such as ants, fruit flies and spiders also make their homes in birdhouses.

Why is it important to remove parasites from birdhouses?

Fleas, mites and lice feed on the young brood and on the adult bird. Many birds will not mate if they are highly infected with these parasites.

How does Martin House Protector® work?

Enzymes are small biochemical digesters. Enzymes break apart proteins, carbohydrates and fats. When sprayed on the parasite, powerful enzymes break open the outside shell known as the epidermis or skin. When this happens, the parasite suffocates and quickly dies. This reaction also happens on arthropods, as well as to the e-coli bacteria. This process only takes a few minutes to happen.

Is it important that birdhouses be completely cleaned?

Parasites, viruses and bacteria live in cracks and crevices. Simply removing old bedding will not eliminate these contaminants. It is necessary to thoroughly wash down each compartment every year.

How long will Martin House Protector® work?

When applied as directed, the product will remain effective for several months. A fine mist should be applied prior to closing in the winter and opening in the spring. No rinsing is required. Product will not evaporate, when it becomes damp the product will become active again.

CareFree Martin House Protector®

  • All Natural, Non-Toxic, Biodegradable & Environmentally Friendly.
  • Safe for all birds, pets and wildlife.
  • A parasite free bird is a happy bird!

Eack pack contains Two (2) 16 ounce bottles

Made in the USA