SuperGourd Deluxe Rack System with 12 Gourds

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Provide a comfortable home for purple martins to colonize!

The complete Purple Martin SuperGourd System!

The 10" plastic SuperGourds were designed and developed by James R. Hill III, Founder and Executive Director of the Purple Martin Conservation Association. SuperGourds are engineered based on 20 years of research into the breeding biology of purple martins.

The one-piece, plastic SuperGourds offer a threaded access port which is covered by a screw-on cap. The sizeable port allows a human hand access to the gourd for nest checks or cleaning. Its 45° angle enables landlords to view nestlings regularly. The large, molded-in rain canopy doubles as a perching platform, while another series of molded-in ribs on top of the canopy add texture to the plastic. This permits martins to perch comfortably without slipping. The one-piece body has no seams, so no rain will leak in, and seven 5/16" drain holes provide a rapid exit for any rain that may blow in through the starling resistant, crescent shaped entrance hole.

SuperGourds are blow-molded in white opaque, high-density polyethylene plastic to reflect sunlight and keep interior temperatures down. They won't rot, peel, split, or crack out in the elements and won't break if accidentally dropped. Because they are molded with UV inhibitors added to the plastic, they have a long life expectancy with little maintenance.

SuperGourd System Includes:

  • Twelve SuperGourds - Your choice of round or crescent starling resistant entrance holes (SREH)
  • SuperGourd Rack System - Holds up to 12 SuperGourds
  • Pole System - 14 ft. aluminum pole (14' above ground), winch and ground socket

SuperGourd Deluxe 12 Gourd System

Deluxe 12 Rack System with Gourds (DGR12): Includes a complete DGR gourd rack plus 12 SuperGourds, your choice of gourd types: 12 Round-holed SuperGourds (DGR-12R) or 12 Crescent-holed SuperGourds with Clip-On Porches included (DGR-12C) - Select gourd type at checkout.

Situate your existing purple martin gourds at a fantastic height using this Paradise Deluxe Gourd Rack for 12 Gourds. This system provides virtually all you need to properly site your existing gourds for purple martins, while making maintenance convenient. A high tensile, 2" square, aluminum pole inserts into your soil, and a generous, 48" long ground stake provides strength and stability. Attach the included perch, two-level rack system, arms, and pulley to this pole for hanging your gourds easily. The polyester rope and winder clip allow you to lower the gourds down the pole for nest checks and maintenance, and nylon glides in the hub keep this action smooth. The aluminum arms hold up to twelve gourds (not included), and included hardware keeps them in place with ease. The generous top perch provides martins plenty of lookout or resting area, and the aluminum construction of each piece remains durable for many seasons. Help young martins locate proper housing by placing your existing gourds on this Deluxe Gourd Rack for 12 Gourds. Assembly required. Made in the USA!

Aluminum Pole Kit Contents: one 14'L pole, one 48"L ground socket, two 48"L perching rods, twelve gourd arms, polyester rope, hardware

Pole Dimensions: 48"L x 48"W x 14'H

Crescent-holed SuperGourds with Porches (1-3/16” Starling-resistant crescent-shaped entrance hole) for Purple Martins (SGC):  This, the “Crescent” SuperGourd, is identical to the other  SuperGourd models, but has a 1-3/16” high, crescent-shaped SREH (starling-resistant entrance hole) designed to prevent cavity entry by all but the smallest of cavity-stealing European Starlings. Clip-on Porches included with Crescent-holed Gourds.

Clip-On Porches
 - Plastic Ribbed Porches for Crescent SuperGourds - These ribbed plastic porches bolt securely on both the inside and outside of crescent-holed SuperGourds allowing martins easier entry through the snug, starling-resistant entries. Porch is 2-7/8” long by 3-1/2” wide. We recommend that these porches be secured flush with the bottom of the crescent hole using threaded 10-32 x 3/4” bolts and nuts (included), and that you fill any gaps with 100% silicone caulking. Porches come pre-drilled, with two nuts and bolts per porch pair, and include attachment instructions.

This porch will allow easier access by martins into the crescent SuperGourd, while still resisting entry by European Starlings. The clip-on porches also allow martins to sit directly in front of their entrance hole, where they can keep an eye on their nest and the outside world at the same time.

Round-holed SuperGourds
(2-1/8” diameter entry hole) for Purple Martins (SGR):  The round-holed SuperGourd is a one-piece, 10-inch-diameter plastic gourd for housing nesting Purple Martins. It has a molded-in, threaded access port, with a watertight screw-on cap. The SuperGourd also features a large, molded-in rain canopy that doubles as a perching platform.   

Made in the USA

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SuperGourd Options (Available at checkout)

Extra SuperGourd Caps
- Extra 120mm screw-on caps fit all three entrance-hole types of SuperGourd. Caps are made with UV inhibitors for long life in the sun. They have a white cardboard liner to block incoming light. These caps are the perfect replacement for lost or broken caps.

SuperGourd Replacement Caps