Lighthouse Copper and Brass Bird Feeder

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A perfect addition to any garden setting!

* Innovative Lighthouse Design
* Holds 5 lbs. of seed
* Will develop an attractive patina over time

Our unique copper and brass finished steel Bird Feeders are designed to lure birds in for a snack… and help bird watchers’ favorite activity last all day long! 

Brighten up your outdoor oasis with the Lighthouse Bird Feeder. The bold copper and brass finishes will bring birds by land and by sea to your backyard. With 3 perches and a 6-sided tray with 3 ports from which to feed, birds can feast from all angles. Spice up your sanctuary with a sense of seaside, by bringing this beachy bird feeder to your backyard. Simple by design, this feeder is hung with ease, and easy to fill. Removable top lifts for easy filling and drainage holes in the tray help keep seed dry. Measuring 16″ H x 9″ W x 9″ D, it’s sized to hold a plentiful 5-pounds of seed so you don’t have to fill as often! Makes a wonderful gift for any backyard bird enthusiast!


* Elegant design combines style and functionality
* Strikingly bold with brass and hand-rubbed copper finishes
* Spacious base tray and 3 perched feeding ports allow multiple birds to eat at once
* Extra-large 5-pound seed capacity so you don’t have to fill as often
* Easy to hang and enjoy
* Top lifts off for easy filling
* Drainage holes keep seed dry

Dimensions: 9"L x 9"W x 16"H; Weight: 3 lbs.

Lighthouse Copper and Brass Bird Feeder