Fly-Thru Copper Bird Feeder Star

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A perfect addition to any garden setting!

* Innovative Star Design
* Holds 4 lbs. of seed
* Will develop an attractive patina over time

Our unique copper finished steel Fly-Thru Bird Feeders are designed to lure birds in for a snack… and help bird watchers’ favorite activity last all day long! 

Make birds the stars of your favorite show with the Star Fly-Thru™ Bird Feeder! Three feeding locations set the stage, making seed easily accessible. Our see-through structure gives birders an optimal view, while birds come and go. Thoughtfully placed perches shield feathered-friends from precipitation. Powerful plexiglass combines with a resilient copper finish to create a bold, yet beautiful piece that’s built to endure all elements. Simple by design, this feeder is hung with ease, and makes knowing-when-to-fill a breeze. Side panel easily opens for filling and drainage holes help keep seed dry. Measuring 16″ H x 16″ W x 4″ D, it’s sized to hold a plentiful 4-pounds of seed so you don’t have to fill as often! Makes a wonderful gift for any backyard bird enthusiast!


* Unique star shape with resilient copper finish invites birds to feast
* Thoughtful design includes strong plexiglass that withstands the elements
* Easy to hang and enjoy
* Side panel easily opens for filling
* Easy to hang and enjoy
* Large 4-pound seed capacity so you don’t have to fill as often
* Drainage holes keep seed dry

Dimensions: 4"L x 16"W x 16"H; Weight: 4 lbs.

Star Fly-Thru Copper Bird Feeder