Lone Star Goliad 4-Room Add-A-Floor

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Build your Martin Community!

Makes the Lone Star Goliad Purple Martin House immediately expandable to a Three, Four, Five, or Six Story House. Purchase additional stackable center floors and add 4 compartments per unit to your Goliad martin house. Available in Round or Crescent Starling Resistant (SREH) doors. Made in the USA!

Lonestar Purple Martin Goliad 4 Room Add-A-Floor with Starling Resistant Crescent Doors. If your Purple Martin family is growing, then this Add-a-Floor for the Goliad Purple Martin house is perfect for you. This modular aluminum addition has 4 complete, full sized rooms. Designed to fit on the bottom of your Goliad system, you can add 2-4 additions safely under your 12 room systems. Addition includes all needed hardware to mount your Add-a-Floor to your Goliad system. Door entrance holes are 2 1/8 in wide by 1 1/8 in tall. Each level has 4 rooms room size is 6 inch x 12 inch x 6 inch.

33"L x 15"W x 8"H; Weight: 11.45

Made in the USA