Songbird Universal Bird Feeder/Birdhouse Pole Kit

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Mount a birdhouse or bird feeder with ease!

Our Universal Pole Kit features a sturdy, rust-resistant design, sure to hold up to even the largest and heaviest birdhouses and bird feeders. The three sections attach easily and the included heavy-duty auger is the same style made popular by the original Squirrel Stopper Pole System. The Universal Pole Kit is innovative in design, with a 1 1/4" diameter that tapers to the "universal" 1 inch diameter top. The overall height is 79.5", and measures between 58.5"- 53.5" in-ground. Includes pole sections, birdhouse and bird feeder mounting flange, ground auger and hardware.

Dimensions: 1.25"L x 1.25"W x 79.5"H; Weight 9 lbs.

Note: Ships dimensional oversized. Additional freight may be required depending on order size and destination zone.

Universal Pole Kit For Heavy Birdhouses and Bird Feeders

Universal Pole Kit For Heavy Birdhouses and Bird Feeders

Innovative design accommodates heavy bird house and bird feeders. 1-1/4" diameter steel pole tapering to a "universal" 1" diameter top. Birdhouses and bird feeders sold separately.