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  • Bird Baths, Fountains & Ponds - Looking for a bird bath, fountain, birdbath deicer or water feature? We have a large selection of quality birdbaths, fountains and accessories for every backyard aquatics need.

    Bird Baths, Fountains & Ponds
    • Bird Bath Agitators, Bird Bath Drippers, Bird Bath Misters, Waterfall Rocks, Fountains and Water Wigglers all move water in your birdbath or pond. Moving water attracts birds!
      Bird Bath Agitators, Drippers, Misters, Waterfalls (33)

    • Bird Bath Heaters & De-icers - Looking for a birdbath or pond deicer? Our quality bird bath and pond heaters and deicers will keep water thawed throughout the winter. Your backyard birds will appreciate it!
      Bird Bath Heaters & De-icers (20)

    • Birdbath Stands, Pedestals, Stakes, Brackets for mounting your bird bath bowls.
      Bird Bath Stands, Pedestals, Stakes, Brackets (48)

    • Bird Bath, Fountain and Pond Accessories for all your backyard aquatic needs! Here you will find every birdbath accessory available from bird bath cleaners and mosquito control to bird bath drippers and waterfall rocks.
      Bird Bath, Fountain & Pond Accessories (118)

    • Ceramic, Stoneware & Clay Bird Baths - Quality handcrafted and handpainted ceramic birdbaths. Our beautifully detailed and colorful stoneware birdbaths are perfect for the garden landscape, patios and decks.
      Ceramic, Stoneware & Clay Bird Baths (53)

    • Bamboo Fountains and Water Pumps for birdbaths. Adjustable bamboo water fountains, water spouts, deer chasers, fountain drippers, water pumps and accessories.
      Fountains & Water Pumps (43)

    • Ground Bird Baths - Looking for a Ground Bird Bath? Our ground birdbaths come heated or unheated. Use year-round to attract a diversity of wild birds!
      Ground Bird Baths (15)

    • Hanging Bird Baths for your backyard sanctuary! Our beautiful hanging garden birdbaths look great hanging from a deck rail, tree limb, bracket or shepherd's hook.
      Hanging Bird Baths (57)

    • Heated Bird Baths for keeping birds happy in the winter! Our heated birdbaths will keep open water available for birds all winter long.
      Heated Bird Baths (38)

    • Non-Heated Bird Baths attract birds and beautify your garden! We have a large selection of non-heated or unheated birdbaths that will add interest and beauty to your garden or patio while providing birds with a place to drink and bathe.
      Non-Heated Bird Baths (222)

    • Ornamental Birdbaths adds beauty and elegance to any garden or patio. These attractive bird baths will look great in your backyard sanctuary.
      Ornamental Birdbaths (174)

    • Pond and Tank De-icers - Looking for a Pond or Tank De-icer or Pond Heater? Our quality pond deicers and pond heaters will keep water thawed in your pond all winter long!
      Pond and Tank De-icers (19)

    • Solar Powered Bird Baths and Solar Fountains that turn the sun's energy into a beautiful water feature! We have a large selection of quality solar birdbaths and fountains for your garden or patio that operate on solar power.
      Solar Bird Baths & Fountains (15)

  • Bird Feeders - Looking for a special type of bird feeder? We have decorative and functional bird feeders for all bird feeding applications

    Bird Feeders
    • Sunflower Bird Feeders, Mixed Seed Bird Feeders - Here you will find tubular sunflower feeders, hopper bird feeders and other styles. If you are looking for a bird feeder that dispenses sunflower, blended or mixed bird seed this is the place!
      Sunflower/Mixed Seed Bird Feeders (498)

    • Thistle/Nyjer Tubular Bird Feeders - Looking for a finch feeder? We offer quality tubular nyjer/thistle seed feeders for attracting flocks of finches and other small songbirds to your yard. Choose from hanging or pole mounted styles.
      Thistle/Nyjer Seed Tubular Bird Feeders (102)

    • Hopper Bird Feeders - See our large selection of hopper style bird feeders! We offer quality hopper bird feeders constructed of cedar, cypress, metal and recycled plastic. Hanging, pole and post mounted hopper style bird feeders. Made in USA!
      Hopper Bird Feeders (134)

    • Platform, Tray and Ground Bird Feeders for attracting a diversity of backyard birds. Choose from quality platform bird feeders constructed wood or recycled plastic.
      Platform, Tray and Ground Bird Feeders (133)

    • Ground Bird Feeder platforms attract cardinals, quail, juncos, bluejays, pigeons and others that often like to feed at ground level.
      Ground Bird Feeders (21)

    • Seed Catcher Platforms - Our Seed Catcher Bird Feeder Platforms helps keep the ground around your bird feeders clean! Seed catchers are designed to catch seed falling from hanging, pole or post mounted bird feeders.
      Seed Catcher Platforms (42)

    • Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders - Squirrels a problem around your bird feeder? Our quality squirrel-proof and squirrel resistant bird feeders discourage squirrels from raiding and damaging your bird feeder!
      Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders (115)

    • Caged Bird Feeders help discourage squirrels and larger birds from raiding your feeder. Our caged bird feeders are a practical solution to detering predators!
      Caged Bird Feeders (62)

    • Fly-Through Bird Feeders are not only functional, but also stylish. These feeders are suitable for birds that like to perch when feeding such as Cardinals. We offer fly-through feeder styles you can hang or pole mount.
      Fly-Through Bird Feeders (94)

    • Decorative Bird Feeders add interest to any backyard sanctuary. Here you will find a wide selection of bird feeders offering both form and function for backyard bird feeding.
      Decorative Bird Feeders (250)

    • Gazebo Bird Feeders add elegance and style to any yard. Designed in the shape of a miniature backyard gazebo! Gazebo bird feeders are both decorative and functional.
      Gazebo Bird Feeders (52)

    • Garden Stake/Statuary Bird Feeders are a great way to add interest to your backyard sanctuary. Place these attractive feeders in flower beds and landscaped areas of your yard and start attracting a wide variety of birds!
      Garden Stake/Statuary Bird Feeders (55)

    • Window Bird Feeders for viewing birds up close! Large selection of suction-cup window mounted bird feeders, windowsill bird feeders, and in-house bird feeders.
      Window Bird Feeders (75)

    • Bluebird Feeders - Feeding mealworms to bluebirds? We have a large selection of quality crafted feeders for serving up tasty mealworms to hungry bluebirds! We offer hanging, pole or post mounted feeders for attracting bluebirds.
      Bluebird Feeders (86)

    • Mealworm Feeders for serving tasty live mealworms to hungry bluebirds. Select from hanging, pole or post mounted mealworm feeders. Attract bluebirds and other insect eating songbirds to your yard.
      Mealworm Feeders (82)

    • Oriole Feeders - Looking for an Oriole Feeder? We have a wide selection of nectar, fruit and jelly feeders for attracting orioles to your backyard. Choose from hanging, pole or window mounted oriole feeders!
      Oriole Feeders (134)

    • Holland Hill Heirloom Copper Bird Feeders - This unique collection includes fruit, jelly and mealworm feeders, tubular hummingbird feeders and decorative plant hangers. Made out of solid heavy gauge copper by skilled artisans in the USA!
      Holland Hill Heirloom Copper Bird Feeders (49)

    • Suet Bird Feeders for attracting suet loving birds! Suet feeders attract a wide variety of clinging birds such as woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and others. We offer many styles of hanging, pole and window mount suet feeders.
      Suet & Seed Cake Bird Feeders (128)

    • Peanut Bird Feeders for attracting woodpeckers, blue jays and other peanut loving birds. Choose from whole or shelled peanut bird feeders.
      Peanut Bird Feeders (83)

    • Woodpecker Feeders - Looking for a woodpecker feeder? We offer quality woodpecker feeders for attracting all woodpecker species. Woodpecker suet feeders, upside down feeders, pileated woodpecker feeders, whole peanut feeders and more!
      Woodpecker Feeders (134)

    • Wire Mesh Bird Feeders are perfect for all types of birds, clinging birds and perching birds. The seed hopper is constructed of durable steel wire mesh. We offer mesh bird feeders that dispense sunflower, safflower and/or nyjer seed.
      Wire Mesh Bird Feeders (144)

    • NO/NO Steel Wire Mesh Feeders are one of the most durable and functional bird feeders on the market today. Fill with sunflower, safflower, nyjer or mixed seed to attract a wide diversity of birds. Many styles available!
      NO/NO Steel Wire Mesh Bird Feeders (36)

    • Globe Bird Feeders attract small songbirds that like to cling to the feeder while feeding. Clinging birds or "Clingers" include finches, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches and many other small songbirds.
      Globe Bird Feeders (12)

    • Recycled Plastic Bird Feeders are eco-friendly. Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic lumber. Recycled Plastic Bird Feeders are guaranteed to last a lifetime!
      Recycled Plastic Bird Feeders (115)

    • Specialty Bird Feeders include all types of bird feeders that fill a special need or purpose. These are bird feeders that have a unique design or function for backyard bird feeding.
      Specialty Bird Feeders (179)

    • Finch Socks - Nyjer (Thistle) Sock Feeders - Want to attract finches to your yard? Use our mesh Nyjer Finch Sock Feeders! Just fill with nyjer (thistle) seed, hang and watch finches and other small songbirds cling to the mesh and feed!
      Finch Socks - Nyjer Sock Feeders (34)

    • Edible Seeded Bird Feeders are handcrafted in America's Heartland! Made from all natural ingredients. Use them as a decorations then return to nature as a functional bird feeder or birdhouse. These make wonderful gifts!
      Edible Bird Feeders (202)

    • For The Birds Albesia Bird Feeder Collection - Handcarved and handpainted by skilled artisans. Produced from fast growth renewable albesia wood. Collection includes whimsical and unique tray feeders, seed ball feeders, and window bird feeders.
      For the Birds Albesia Bird Feeder Collection (16)

    • Solar Bird Feeders - Our solar powered bird feeders use the sun's energy to operate unique and functional features that help deter squirrels around feeders, or illuminate the feeder at night. See the Squirrel Boss and Solar Lighthouse Feeders!
      Solar Bird Feeders (5)

  • Bird Houses - Looking for a bird house? We have decorative, functional and species specific bird houses for nesting wild birds

    Bird Houses
    • Bluebird Houses for attracting nesting bluebirds! Quality bluebird nest boxes for Eastern Bluebirds, Western Bluebirds and Mountain Bluebirds. Cedar, cypress, mahogany or recycled plastic construction. North American Bluebird Society Approved!
      Bluebird Houses (119)

    • Wren Houses, Chickadee Houses - Looking for a wren or chickadee house? We offer quality nest boxes for small songbirds such as wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and others. Decorative and functional nesting boxes for wrens and chickadees.
      Wren/Chickadee Houses (199)

    • Decorative and Distinctive Birdhouses for your feathered backyard friends! Bird Houses architecturally designed for beauty, form and function.
      Decorative Bird Houses (341)

    • Heartwood Bird House Collection - Architecturally designed birdhouses for beauty and function. All the style and craftsmanship you and your feathered friends could ask for, down to the last gorgeous detail. Made in the USA!
      Heartwood Bird House Collection (149)

    • Home Bazaar Birdhouse Collection - Avian housing reaches new heights with our distinctive line of architectural birdhouses. Victorian designs enhanced by authentic scrollwork and turn-of-the-century, cottage inspired embellishments.
      Home Bazaar Birdhouse Collection (144)

    • Edible Seeded Birdhouses - Handcrafted edible bird houses covered with seed ingredients that birds love. Use our edible bird houses as a decoration then return to nature as functional birdhouse. Edible bird houses make wonderful gifts!
      Edible Bird Houses (76)

    • Whimsical and Novelty Bird Houses - Looking for a unique birdhouse? We have a large selection of unique and unusual birdhouses, whimsical birdhouses, novelty and character birdhouses. These make great gifts for the bird lover!
      Whimsical and Novelty Bird Houses (379)

    • Egg Bird Home Collection Our egg style bird houses are handcrafted out of eco-friendly bamboo, porcelain, ceramic, mango wood and other materials. The classic oval shape of these birdhouses add interest to any backyard bird sanctuary.
      Egg Bird Home Collection (37)

    • Recycled Plastic Bird Houses - Our recycled plastic bird houses are eco-friendly! Made from 100% recycled plastic lumber. Recycled Plastic Birdhouses are sturdy, weather resistant and made to last a lifetime. Handcrafted in the USA!
      Recycled Plastic Bird Houses (16)

    • Window Bird Houses - Watch birds nesting from inside your home! Our suction-cup mounted Window Bird Houses bring nature right to your window.
      Window Nest Boxes (9)

    • Songbird Fancy Home Products - Distinctive handcrafted birdhouses and bird feeders made to withstand the elements. Constructed out of vinyl (PVC) and copper. Guaranteed to last a life time with little to no maintenace. Made in the USA!
      Songbird Fancy Home Products (63)

    • Conservation Species Specific Nest Boxes - Quality nest boxes constructed out of eastern white pine. Built with specifications in mind for nesting birds such as bluebirds, wrens, chickadees, woodpeckers, owls, wood ducks and more. Made in USA!
      Conservation Species Specific Nest Boxes (56)

    • Finch Houses, Tree Swallow Houses - Looking for a Finch, Tree Swallow or Barn Swallow house? We have bird houses made specifically for nesting finches or barn swallows.
      Finch/Swallow Houses (16)

    • Flycatcher Houses for nesting Flycatchers! Our Flycatcher nesting boxes are quality crafted with specifications just right for Flycatchers.
      Flycatcher Houses (1)

    • Kestrel Houses for nesting American Kestrels! Our Kestrel nesting boxes are made of quality construction with specifications for Kestrels.
      Kestrel Houses (3)

    • Owl Houses for nesting owls! We have owl nesting boxes made with specifications for Eastern/Western Screech Owls, Saw-whet Owls Barn Owls and Barred Owls. Our owl nesting boxes are constructed of quality cedar, cypress or eastern white pine.
      Owl Houses (14)

    • Wood Duck Houses with specifications for nesting wood ducks, merganser and other wild duck species. Our wood duck nesting boxes are handcrafted out of quality western red cedar, cypress or eastern white pine.
      Wood Duck Houses (13)

    • Purple Martin Houses for attracting colonies of nesting Purple Martins. Quality Purple Martin Houses made from aluminum, plastic or wood construction. All made with specifications in mind for Purple Martins.
      Purple Martin Houses (74)

    • Purple Martin House Accessories - Looking for Purple Martin House Poles and Accessories? Our martin house accessories are compatible with all the quality Purple Martin Houses offered in our online store.
      Purple Martin House Accessories (53)

    • Woodpecker Houses, Flicker Houses - Quality nesting boxes for all woodpecker and flicker species. Handcrafted out of western red cedar, cypres or eastern white pine lumber.
      Woodpecker/Flicker Houses (13)

    • Robin Nesting Platforms - Looking for a cozy platform for robins to roost? Our quality robin roosting platforms are just the ticket! Mount our robin roosting platforms to a tree trunk, inside a garage, barn, or on the side of a building.
      Robin Nesting Platforms (6)

    • Nesting Pockets or Roosting Pockets make great shelters for wild birds in the winter, and nesting cavities in the spring and summer. Hang these natural nesting pockets in multiples and create a whole "community" of feathered neighbors!
      Nesting/Roosting Pockets (81)

    • Wild Woolies Handmade Felt Bird Houses - Eco-friendly sustainable felt bird nesting houses made from 100% natural wool. Carefully hand crafted by skilled Fair Trade artisans. Many whimsical designs to choose from. These make wonderful gifts!
      Wild Woolies Handmade Felt Bird Houses (48)

    • Bird House Kits for all ages and levels of expertise! We have a large selection of cedar wood birdhouse kits, bird feeder kits and bat house kits. These make great scouting projects!
      Bird House Kits (25)

  • Hummingbird Feeders & Accessories - Looking for hummingbird feeders or hummingbird feeder accessories? You've come to the right place! We have a huge selection of hummingbird feeders and accessories to keep your hummers happy!

    Hummingbird Feeders & Accessories
    • Hummingbird Food for nectar loving hummingbirds! Fill your hummingbird feeders with our sweet all natural nectar. No dyes or preservatives. Made from 100% finely ground sucrose - The sugar that most closely simulates the nectar from flowers.
      Hummingbird Food (43)

    • Hummingbird Accessories - We have every accessory imaginable to keep your hummers happy. Hummingbird feeder hanging hooks, weather domes, hummingbird nesting material, brushes, cleaners, hummingbird nectar and more!
      Hummingbird Accessories (117)

    • Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeders attract hummingbirds like a magnet. These quality crafted hummingbird feeders look like sparkling jewels in your backyard.
      Hummingbird Feeders - Blown Glass (54)

    • Bottle Style Hummingbird Feeders for your backyard hummingbird habitat! We offer a large selection of quality bottle hummingbird feeders with plenty of capacity for thirsty hummingbirds.
      Hummingbird Feeders - Bottle Style (112)

    • Dish or Saucer Hummingbird Feeders are built to last! These mult-port hanging hummingbird feeders are made from polycarbonate plastic. They are unbreakable and dishwasher safe. Hummingbirds will flock to these feeders!
      Hummingbird Feeders - Dish or Saucer Style (63)

    • Window Mount Hummingbird Feeders allow you to view the magnificent hummingbirds up close from inside your home! These suction-cup window mounted hummingbird feeders will attract lots of thirsty hummingbirds.
      Hummingbird Feeders - Window Mounted (28)

    • DR JB's Clean Hummingbird Feeders - Dishwasher safe hummingbird feeders with removable parts. Wide mouth jar makes them easy to fill and clean. Interchangeable flower petal colors. Switchable 16, 32, 48 and 80 ounce nectar jars. Made in USA!
      Dr. JB's Clean Hummingbird Feeders (17)

    • Holland Hill Copper Hummingbird Feeders - This unique collection includes window mount, flower pot, wand, and hanging tubular hummingbird feeders that double as decorative plant hangers. Made out of solid copper by skilled artisans in the USA!
      Holland Hill Copper Hummingbird Feeder Series (29)

    • Hummingbird Feeders - Choose from our large selection of quality handcrafted hummingbird feeders in every style, shape and color, Blown Glass, Bottle, Ceramic, Dish, Saucer, Copper, Tubular, Hanging, Window Mount Hummingbird Feeders and more!
      Hummingbird Feeders (View All) (194)

  • Wild Bird Accessories - Looking for an accessory for your bird feeder or bird house? Look no further! We have a large selection of accessories to fill every backyard birding need.

    Wild Bird Accessories
    • Bird Feeder Accessories - Need an accessory for your bird feeder? We have bird feeder poles, 4x4 post mounts, pole mounting flanges, hooks, brackets, window hangers, seed trays, squirrel baffles, bird feeder cleaners and more!
      Bird Feeder Poles and Accessories (326)

    • Bird Feeder Seed Trays for tubular bird feeders. Our seed trays attach to the bottom of bird feeders and help prevent bird seed from falling to the ground.
      Bird Feeder Seed Trays (17)

    • Bird House Poles and Accessories for maintaining bird houses. Bird house poles, bird house mounts, bird house cleaners, nesting materials, birdhouse protectors and more!
      Bird House Poles and Accessories (125)

    • Bird Nesting Materials for nesting birds! All natural nesting materials that wild birds use to build cozy nests.
      Bird Nesting Materials (64)

    • Bird Waterers for providing fresh drinking water to backyard birds! Our bird waterers are a great way provide wild birds with essential drinking water. Bird waterers help attract birds to your backyard!
      Bird Waterers (19)

    • Bird Window Collision Decals saves birds' lives! Our bird anti-collision window decals help prevent birds from crashing into your windows.
      Bird Window Collision Decals (18)

    • Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths for polishing metal parts on bird feeders. Cape Cod polishing cloths are effective on copper, brass, silver, chrome, gold, pewter and other fine metals.
      Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths (3)

    • Cleaning Accessories for cleaning and sanitizing bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths, fountains and garden statuary.
      Cleaning Accessories (60)

    • Hanging Hooks and Brackets - Looking for a hanger for your bird feeder, windchime or hanging plant? We have hanging hooks, brackets, suction-cup window hangers and other hanging accessories!
      Hanging Hooks and Brackets (119)

    • Hummingbird Feeder Accessories - Need an accessory for your hummingbird feeder? We have a large selection of hummingbird feeder accessories, weather domes, hangers, hummingbird food, baffles, hummer nesting material and more!
      Hummingbird Feeder Accessories (126)

    • Seed Scoops & Funnels for scooping wild bird seed, pet food and more! Use to fill bird feeders or scooping bird seed out of storage buckets.
      Seed Scoops & Funnels (16)

    • Slot-n-Pin Pole System, Mounts & Accessories - The revolutionary system to customize and create your own backyard sensation! Use the color-coded components for mounting bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths and more to poles, decks or walls.
      Slot-n-Pin Pole System, Mounts & Accessories (31)

    • Squirrel Baffles for "baffling" squirrels around bird feeders. Our squirrel baffles will help discourage squirrels from reaching your bird feeder. We have pole or post mount and hanging bird feeder squirrel baffles.
      Squirrel Baffles (45)

    • Squirrel Repellents, Squirrel Deterrents - Squirrels stealing seed or damaging your bird feeder? Our squirrel repellents and squirrel deterrents will help prevent squirrels from raiding your bird feeders!
      Squirrel Repellents and Deterrents (45)

    • Weather Domes for hanging bird feeders. Our weather domes will protect bird feeders from sun, wind, rain and snow. They also serve as deterrents preventing squirrels from easy access to bird feeders.
      Weather Domes (38)

  • Wild Bird Seed, Suet & Bird Food - We offer all types of wild bird food and ways to store it. Premium bird seed, suet, farm fresh live mealworms, waxworms, hummingbird nectar, oriole nectar, edible bird feeders, bird seed storage and more!

    Wild Bird Seed, Suet and Food
    • Wild Bird Seed for feeding hungry backyard birds! We offer premium wild bird seed, sunflower seed, sunflower kernels, safflower seed, nyjer seed, cracked corn, finch seed mixes, cardinal mixes, woodpecker seed blends and more!
      Bird Seed - Bird Seed Mixes (110)

    • Bird Seed Storage Containers and Seed Dispensers for storing and dispensing wild bird seed. Decorative yet functional seed metal buckets and wall mounted seed dispensers. Our bird seed storage containers help keep your bird seed fresh!
      Bird Seed Storage Containers & Dispensers (22)

    • Edible Bird Feeders - Bird Seed Wreaths, Bird Seed Houses, Bird Seed Ornaments. These handcrafted creations of art can be used as decorations then returned to nature to feed wild birds. Made with 100% all natural ingredients that birds love!
      Edible Bird Feeders, Seed Wreaths & Ornaments (197)

    • Hummingbird Nectar, Oriole Nectar - Attract more hummingbirds and orioles! Our sweet nectar mixes are made from 100% finely ground sucrose - The sugar that closely simulates the nectar from flowers. No dyes or preservatives!
      Hummingbird and Oriole Nectar (58)

    • Mealworms, Bait Worms & Live Insect Feeders for feeding bluebirds, pets, fishing or composting. We have quality farm fresh live insect feeders, mealworms, waxworms, superworms, crickets, flightless fruit flies, nightcrawlers and red wigglers.
      Mealworms, Bait Worms & Live Insects (66)

    • Mealworms, Waxworms - Dried, Roasted or Canned for feeding wild birds, pets or fishing. Dried Mealworms, Roasted Mealworms, Canned Mealworms, Dried Waxworms, Roasted Waxworms, Canned Fly Larvae. Convenient, economical, easy to use and store!
      Mealworms, Insects - Dried, Roasted or Canned (13)

    • Bird Seed Cakes, Seed Bells, Seed Blocks, Seed Logs and Nuggets for feeding hungry backyard birds. Our bird seed products are made of 100% all natural ingredients that birds love!

      Seed Cakes, Bells, Blocks, Logs & Nuggets
      • Bird Nuggets - Premium all natural bird food nuggets. Our bird nuggets come in a variety of flavors and are made of all natural ingredients that birds really go for!
        Bird Nuggets (9)

      • Seed & Nut Cakes, Seed Logs & Blocks - All natural seed and nut cakes for feeding backyard birds. Our seed & nut cakes and seed logs come in a variety of flavors and are made of natural ingredients. A tasty delight for your feathered friends!
        Seed & Nut Cakes, Seed Logs & Blocks (93)

      • Seed Bells - Bird seed bells for feeding and attracting backyard birds. Our bird seed bells come packed with seed ingredients your birds will really go for! Convenient and easy to use. Simply hang and the birds will find them!
        Seed Bells (15)

    • Squirrel Repellents, Squirrel Deterrents - Having a problem with squirrels raiding your bird feeders and stealing the seed? Our squirrel repellents and deterrents help discourage squirrels around bird feeders.
      Squirrel Repellents (38)

    • Wild Bird Suet - Premium quality all natural no-melt Suet Cakes, Suet Dough, Hanging Suet Feeders, Suet Pellets, Suet Plugs and Suet Logs to feed hungry backyard birds. Our suet products are made of ingredients that birds really love!

      • Suet Cakes - Premium all natural no-melt suet cakes for feeding suet loving backyard birds. Our suet cakes come in a variety of flavors and are made of natural ingredients.
        Suet Cakes (97)

      • Suet Dough - Quality suet dough for feeding suet loving backyard birds. Our suet doughs come in a variety of flavors and are made of all natural ingredients.
        Suet Dough (40)

      • Suet Hanging Feeders - Our hanging suet feeders are filled with quality all natural suet. These feeders are convenient and easy to use. Simply hang and let the backyard birds feed!
        Suet Hanging Feeder (11)

      • Suet Pellets - Premium all natural no-melt suet pellets for feeding suet loving birds. Our suet pellets come in a variety of flavors and are made from vegetable products, no animal fat, high in protein and nutrition.
        Suet Pellets (14)

      • Suet Plugs/Suet Balls - Our all natural suet plugs and balls can be used with suet logs, suet plug holders and suet ball feeders. This is a great way to attract a diversity of wild birds to your yard, especially woodpeckers!
        Suet Plugs/Suet Balls (49)

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