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You are at : Store Categories > Wild Bird Care > Bird Baths, Fountains & Ponds

  • Bird Bath Agitators, Bird Bath Drippers, Bird Bath Misters, Waterfall Rocks, Fountains and Water Wigglers all move water in your birdbath or pond. Moving water attracts birds!
    Bird Bath Agitators, Drippers, Misters, Waterfalls (33)

  • Bird Bath Heaters & De-icers - Looking for a birdbath or pond deicer? Our quality bird bath and pond heaters and deicers will keep water thawed throughout the winter. Your backyard birds will appreciate it!
    Bird Bath Heaters & De-icers (20)

  • Birdbath Stands, Pedestals, Stakes, Brackets for mounting your bird bath bowls.
    Bird Bath Stands, Pedestals, Stakes, Brackets (48)

  • Bird Bath, Fountain and Pond Accessories for all your backyard aquatic needs! Here you will find every birdbath accessory available from bird bath cleaners and mosquito control to bird bath drippers and waterfall rocks.
    Bird Bath, Fountain & Pond Accessories (118)

  • Ceramic, Stoneware & Clay Bird Baths - Quality handcrafted and handpainted ceramic birdbaths. Our beautifully detailed and colorful stoneware birdbaths are perfect for the garden landscape, patios and decks.
    Ceramic, Stoneware & Clay Bird Baths (53)

  • Bamboo Fountains and Water Pumps for birdbaths. Adjustable bamboo water fountains, water spouts, deer chasers, fountain drippers, water pumps and accessories.
    Fountains & Water Pumps (43)

  • Ground Bird Baths - Looking for a Ground Bird Bath? Our ground birdbaths come heated or unheated. Use year-round to attract a diversity of wild birds!
    Ground Bird Baths (15)

  • Hanging Bird Baths for your backyard sanctuary! Our beautiful hanging garden birdbaths look great hanging from a deck rail, tree limb, bracket or shepherd's hook.
    Hanging Bird Baths (57)

  • Heated Bird Baths for keeping birds happy in the winter! Our heated birdbaths will keep open water available for birds all winter long.
    Heated Bird Baths (38)

  • Non-Heated Bird Baths attract birds and beautify your garden! We have a large selection of non-heated or unheated birdbaths that will add interest and beauty to your garden or patio while providing birds with a place to drink and bathe.
    Non-Heated Bird Baths (222)

  • Ornamental Birdbaths adds beauty and elegance to any garden or patio. These attractive bird baths will look great in your backyard sanctuary.
    Ornamental Birdbaths (174)

  • Pond and Tank De-icers - Looking for a Pond or Tank De-icer or Pond Heater? Our quality pond deicers and pond heaters will keep water thawed in your pond all winter long!
    Pond and Tank De-icers (19)

  • Solar Powered Bird Baths and Solar Fountains that turn the sun's energy into a beautiful water feature! We have a large selection of quality solar birdbaths and fountains for your garden or patio that operate on solar power.
    Solar Bird Baths & Fountains (15)

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