Audubon BirdCam Motion-Activated Digital Camera

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Audubon BirdCam Motion-Activated Digital Wildlife Camera 5.0 megapixel CMOS digital camera and glass lens for excellent image quality!

Rediscover Your Backyard!

The whole family will love discovering backyard nature with the help of the Audubon BirdCam. This innovative camera takes crystal-clear photos and videos of your backyard birds while you're away. You'll be amazed by what's going on in your own backyard!

Weatherproof, motion-activated, and easy-to-use, this digital BirdCam captures photos and videos with sound. It records to an SD card or internal memory (32MB) and makes it easy to e-mail or print your images. No tools, wiring, or software required! Plus, you can experiment with many mounting options - point it at a bird house or bird bath, or simply set it on the ground.

Simply a better bird camera!

Let's look under the cover...

Audubon BirdCam Motion-Activated Digital Wildlife Camera - Loaded with features! 

A new way to enjoy birds...
The Audubon BirdCam powered by Wingscapes captures digital photos and videos of your birds while you are away! Weatherproof, motion-activated, and easy to use, this revolutionary tool will enhance how we observe, enjoy, and learn about wildlife.

Get closer… with an Audubon BirdCam, the secret lives of birds are revealed in stunning clarity and color.

See what you’ve missed… the Audubon BirdCam watches your feeders (or nest, bird-bath, etc.) while you’re away, so you can watch whenever you want!

Share your birds… now it is easier than ever to share your birds – through email, printing, video-sharing, and the web.

Citizen Science… already in use by field biologists, the BirdCam is perfect for citizen science and school projects.

Audubon BirdCam Motion-Activated Digital Camera makes a great gift for the backyard bird and wildlife enthusiast! 

An excellent gift…the Audubon BirdCam is great way to get young birders interested in bird-watching.

How does the Audubon BirdCam work?
The Audubon BirdCam is a weatherproof, motion-activated camera designed specifically for use with wild birds. While the BirdCam is flexible tool with advanced features, Wingscapes designed it to be very easy to use within minutes after unpacking. The Audubon BirdCam is designed to be aimed at a feeder (or other area of bird activity) and left outside. While you are away, the BirdCam's infrared sensor watches for bird activity. If any activity is detected, the BirdCam automatically takes photos, videos, or a combination of the two (depending on how it is programmed by the user).

Advanced Features
The Audubon BirdCam has some advanced features that expand how it can be used. In addition to the motion-sensitive mode described above (referred to as AUTO mode), the BirdCam can take images at a specific time-interval (TIMELAPSE mode) or used as a regular digital camera (MANUAL mode).

The Setup menu includes "EASY" photo and video programs which will handle most backyard applications. For users who want more control, the Setup menu lets users program Photo or Video, Photo Resolution, Delay, Number of Images per Event, Time/Date/Location imprint, Sensitivity of the infrared sensor, Erase Images, and Diagnostic Test. These controls provide flexibility that is helpful when using the BirdCam in different situations.


*Takes digital photos or videos with sound
*Includes flash and timelapse features for more photography options
*Easy to use right out of the box
*Rugged, weatherproof construction so you can leave unattended
*Smart sensor technology reduces empty frames
*High resolution for beautiful photos and videos
*Versatile mounting options
*Connects easily your computer or television
*Easy to track your birds and share through e-mail, print or post online
*Records data to internal memory (32MB) or a memory card (optional)


Photo Format: JPG files, High 2560x1920, Med 1600x1200, Low 800x600
Video Format: AVI files, 640x480
Image Output: USB OUT, TV OUT, SD Card (optional)
Operational Modes: Auto/Timelapse Delay: Variable: No Delay - Daily
Built-in Memory: 32 MB
Auto Timelapse Delay Variable: No Delay - Daily
Lens Field of View: 52 degrees
Focus: 18 inches - infinity
Infrared Sensor: Yes, smart sensor ignores feeder movement
Power Supply: 4 D-cell Batteries
Battery Life: 12 weeks average
Laser Aim: Yes

The Audubon BirdCam comes with the following items included: BirdCam, USB cable, TV Out cable, & User Guide.  The BirdCam Mounting Arm and AC Adapter are optional (available at checkout), but are not required to operate the BirdCam. The AC Adapter (shown below) allows users to power the camera from a regular wall outlet. Comes with a 6-foot cord. Indoor use only.

Audubon Birdcam A/C Adapter

BirdCam Solar Power Panel (available at checkout). Imagine never having to worry about changing the batteries in your BirdCam or PlantCam again. Wingscapes' PowerPanel ensures a continued power source for the BirdCam and the PlantCam. With the PowerPanel you never have to worry about missing a shot because of dead batteries. Wingscapes' PowerPanel uses innovative software to combine a solar panel and built-in 12-volt battery, extending camera life indefinitely in the field.

Wingscapes Solar Power Panel

Mounting the Audubon BirdCam
Setting the BirdCam up is extremely easy. Adjustable focus keeps images sharp at any distance 18-inches or farther and a laser aiming device helps insure aim is accurate. Specially engineered to discriminate against non-bird movement, the BirdCam will rarely be triggered by a swinging feeder or moving plant. Included with the BirdCam are a pair of stretch cords that can be used to attach the BirdCam to any stationary object, such as a post or tree.

Audubon BirdCam mounted to a tree taking photos of bird feeder 

A standard tripod mount on the bottom attaches to any standard tripod. The BirdCam is rugged and built to be used outdoors. It is intended to sit and wait where the human eye can't (or won't).

Accessing Photos and Videos
Retrieving and using photos and videos from the Audubon BirdCam will be a snap for anyone who can use a digital camera. Images can be downloaded to computer with the included USB cable or by using an optional memory card. Images can also be viewed on a TV by using the included TV Out cable. Once on a computer, the photos and videos are easy to save and share with others - by printing, emailing, or posting to the web. Your growing collection of bird photos and videos will be great for creative projects like personal field guides, calendars, web sites, and gifts.

Low, Medium or High Resolution Photos with Stunning Clarity!

Low, Medium or High Resolution Photos with Stunning Clarity!

Beyond Bird Images
We get asked all the time about other uses for the Audubon BirdCam. The potential of this new technology is limited only by our imaginations. The Audubon BirdCam's motion-sensor will detect movement of any wildlife. The timelapse mode is perfect for creating stop-motion movies or flip-books. Our favorite uses of the Timelapse function so far are watching plants bloom, weather pass, or buildings leap out of the ground!