European Nightcrawlers 24 Count Cups 6/Pack

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European Nightcrawler - Eisenia hortensis

Eisenia hortensis, commonly known as the Driftworm, European Nightcrawler, Garden Worm, Angle Worm or Leaf Worm, is recognized as an ideal bait and live food worm. Measuring approximately 3.0-3.5" or more in length, this worm is ordinarily used as bait for bass and large fish.

European nightcrawlers are not only the toughest and most active worms on the market, but are the only earthworm that can be used successfully in salt water. Euro Nightcrawlers have been used for ice fishing in the frigid waters of Northwestern British Columbia, and have been found to be still active on the hook after 30 minutes in the water under 18" of ice! They also make excellent food for birds, turtles, reptilians, exotic pets, aquarium and pond fish. Euro Nightcrawler cups should be stored in a cool dry location at room temperature. Do not store cups in a refrigerator.

Our Euro Driftworms a.k.a European Nightcrawlers are conveniently packaged ready to use in 24 count cups with bedding. Six cups per Pack.

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We ship them in bedding that is on the dry side, so please add water to moisten the bedding right away, if needed.

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Our bait worm products are tested for nutritional value to assist the customer in providing a diverse and healthy diet. The nutritional make up of a Euro Driftworm is approximately 83.6% moisture, 11.7% protein, 1.5% fat, 1.2% ash and 2.0% other.

Best Bait Worms...Sure, some folks go fishing with a tackle box full of lures, jigs, and spinner baits, but nothing makes fish bite like a big, juicy worm...the lifelike action is built right in!

Euro Driftworms make a great staple food or treat for herps, turtles, amphibians, aquarium and pond fish too!

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