Songbird Cedar Post Mount Bluebird Feeder

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Entice colorful bluebirds to your yard with mealworms!

Quality cedar construction throughout!

Bluebirds soon learn to reach inside this feeder for the meal worms and treats you provide. 1-1/2" entrance hole perfect for Eastern Bluebirds. Designed for easy three step training. 1. Leave the lid open and remove Plexiglas side. 2. Insert Plexiglas side. 3. Close the lid so only bluebirds can use the feeder. Mount on a post or tree using the screws provided in the pre-drilled holes.

All Songbird Cedar feeders and houses are made from heavy Inland Cedar using Zinc-Chromate screws and hardware with brass hinges. Proudly made in the USA!

Dimensions: 6" x 10" x 7"H

Made in the USA 

Optional 4x4 Post Mount Available at Checkout