Birdbath Adhesive 4/Pack

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Secures birdbath tops to pedestals!

This easy-to-apply adhesive is formulated exclusively to secure birdbath tops to pedestals. Gardeners need only remove the adhesive from its non-stick backing and apply around the top of the pedestal before setting the birdbath top in place. The birdbath top still can be easily removed from its pedestal and, with kneading and reapplication, the adhesive will continue to work after the top has been repositioned.


* Secures birdbath tops to pedestals
* Adhesive prolongs repositioning
* Easy and simple process

Set of 4 Birdbath Adhesive Packages. Enough material for four birdbath applications.

Dimensions: 5.75" x 1" x .3" 

Made in the USA

Burley Clay Birdbath Adhesive

Burley Clay Birdbath Adhesive