Pole Mount Oriole Weather Hat

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5-Piece Pole Set (Optional):

Orange Glass Dishes (Optional):

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Orioles love the color orange!

Attract orioles to your oriole nectar feeders, grape jelly or orange halves with this big orange sun guard. Your oriole foods keep fresher longer, when they're kept shaded--and your orioles have a cool place to feed. Pole mount on any 1" outside diameter pole. Attach to any pole mounted bird feeder or glass dishes of oranges to provide protection from the sun and weather. 100% recycled orange Plexiglas. 17" diameter. Made in the USA.

Adjustable Iron Support Collar for pole mounted baffles  

Adjustable Iron Support Collar included! The iron support collar is designed to support the Pole Mount Oriole Weather Hat. Will adjust to fit both 1" and 1/2" poles. Comes with 4 brass screws.


Create an oriole feeding station!

Oriole Feeding Station - Pole Mount Oriole Weather Hat, 1" OD Metal Pole w/Twist Ground Socket, and Pole Mount Orange Glass Dishes

Complete your oriole feeding station by adding our easy to install 5-Piece 80"H (Above Ground Height) 1" Diameter Pole Set with Twist Ground Socket, and Pole Mount Orange Scalloped Glass Dishes! Available at checkout.