Pirit Heated Water Hose 25 ft

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It flows when it's freezing! 

The PIRIT Heated Hose is the hose that works in below-freezing temperatures. Maintain a water line 24/7 throughout the winter or use for periodic tasks. No more lugging water buckets. No more draining hoses. No more stiff garden hoses!

Uses for the PIRIT Heated Hose include: Equine, Livestock, Barn, Paddock, Masonry, Gardening, Greenhouse, RV, Motor Home, 5th Wheel, Backyard Ice Rink, Dog Kennel, Outdoor Jacuzzi, Hot Tub and more!

PIRIT Hoses have electrical cord sets attached to them which, when plugged in, activate the heating element which is built into the hose material. The 50 ft, 5/8" and 25 ft, 5/8" PIRIT Heated Hoses are made with PVC material which is FDA-approved for potable water, and are knit-re-enforced with high-quality brass fittings. Made in the USA!

Pirit Heated Water Hose

The PIRIT Water Line is for anyone who needs to use a hose in below-freezing temperatures. Depending on need, leave it plugged in 24-7 or simply plug it in only when in use. The thermostatically controlled Water Line is set to activate the heating element if the ambient temperature outside the hose is +/- 45 degrees F. and to turn off the heating element of the ambient temperature reaches +/- 57 degrees F. If left plugged in, it will never allow water to freeze inside. If left unplugged with water inside, the water will freeze. Just plug it in before use, give it a few minutes (depending on how cold it is outside) to thaw and you'll have running water again.

The PIRIT Water Line is the only heated hose on the market today that has been certified to UL and CSA safety standards for outdoor electronic products.


  • Thermostatically controlled. Turns ON in cold temperatures and turns itself OFF in warmer temperatures
  • Available in 25' and 50' lengths
  • 5/8" diamter hose made with durable 150 psi PVS and quality brass fittings 
  • FDA approved for pottable water
  • Tested to minus 42 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 41 degrees Celsius)
  • Comes with 6' compatible LOCKNDRY compatible cord set. Works with standard 110V GFCI outlet. 50' hose draws only 360 watts. 25' hose draws only 180 watts
  • Approved by MET Labs a NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) to UL (499) and CSA safety standards for heated electronic appliances for outdoor use. For added safety, the PIRIT Hose is grounded, end-to-end, including the brass fittings
  • One-Year Limited Warranty

Allied Precision 25' LOCKNDRY Extension Cord

The Pirit Heated Water Hose is compatible with the 25' LOCKNDRY Outdoor/Indoor Detachable Power Supply Extension Cord. Sold separately and available at checkout.

Questions & Answers

Q: Will my PIRIT Hose heat the water?
No, the PIRIT Hoses are designed simply to keep the water flowing in freezing temperatures.

Q: How long is the cord set?
The cord set on both PIRIT Hoses is approx. 6'.

Q: How much power will my hose use?
When plugged in and operating the 50' PIRIT Water Line draws 400 watts. The 25' PIRIT Water Line draws 200 watts. For comparison purposes, a typical stock tank deicer draws roughly 1500 watts.

Q: Is my hose grounded?
Yes, all PIRIT Heated Hoses are grounded from end to end including the brass fittings.

Q: Will my hose work on DC voltage?

Q: Can I connect hoses together to make a longer hose?
The PIRIT Heated Hose can be connected like regular hoses, but power will not pass from one hose to the next. The electrical cord for each hose must be plugged in separately.

Q: Can I modify my hose?
No. Do not cut or try to splice your hose.

Q: Can I get a longer or shorter PIRIT Hose?
We currently offer PIRIT Hoses only in lengths of approximately 25' and 50'.

Q: Can I allow water to freeze inside the PIRIT Hose when not in use?
Yes. If frozen, when you plug the PIRIT Hose in, you must allow time for the ice to thaw and water to flow. (NOTE: Always disconnect the hose when not in use. Do not allow the hose to freeze while connected to your hydrant or with attachments on the male end.)

Q: If left to freeze, how long will it take for my PIRIT Hose to thaw out?
If you leave your PIRIT Heated Hose unplugged with water in it in freezing temperatures ice will form inside the hose. (Again, when not in use, be sure your hose is disconnected from the water source and from any attachment or spray nozzle.) At your next use, you must allow time for this ice to thaw. How long it will take to thaw depends on two factors; how much water was allowed to freeze in the line from the last use, and the outdoor temperature at the time of thawing. The colder the ambient temperature and the more ice build-up inside the hose, the longer it will take to thaw. Give your hose a few minutes to loosen the ice inside the hose, and then hit with water pressure. This will start to push through the ice and accelerate the flow of water.

Q: What is the burst-strength of my PIRIT Hose?
PIRIT Hoses are constructed with sturdy PVC that will tolerate pressure of up to 150 psi (pounds per square inch.)

Q: Can I use my PIRIT Hose for drinking water?
Yes, assuming your water source provides potable water. PIRIT Hoses are constructed with a food grade PVC accepted by the FDA for potable water.

Q: Down to what temperature can I use my PIRIT Hose?
Our hoses have been tested to -42 degrees below zero Fahrenheit (minus 41 degrees Celsius.)

Q: At what end of the hose is the cord set?
All PIRIT Heated Hoses have the cord sets at the "female" or water source end of the hose. If your use requires the cord set be used at the male end, we recommend using an adapter for the brass.

Q: Will I need to constantly monitor my hose and its temperature?
No. Both PIRIT Hoses are thermostatically controlled. Just plug in, lay out and leave them to do their jobs.

Q: Do I have to turn the hose on and off?
No. Both PIRIT hoses are activated once you plug them in. The thermostat does the rest.

Q: Can I return my PIRIT Hose if I am not happy with it?
Yes, if you return it within 30 days. Just return your hose within 30 days of your purchase date and we will refund 100% of your purchase price of the hose. (We will not refund shipping costs.)

Q: Is there a warranty?
Yes. PIRIT heated hoses carry a One-year, Limited Warranty. Our One-year, Limited Warranty covers replacement of any hose found to be defective. To claim a replacement hose, the buyer must send us a copy of their receipt or credit card bill (with any sensitive info blacked out,) an explanation of the defect, and the entire hose, including the cord set. We will not replace any hose that has been cut or tampered with. The legitimacy of any claim of defect will be determined at our sole discretion.

Q: Can the hose be left out on top of the ground?
Yes. If the hose becomes buried in snow, the snow will actually act as an additional layer of insulation to your hose. Eventually the hose will melt the snow.

Q: Will my hose keep my spigot safe from freezing?
No. Although the hose may offer some heat transfer to your water supply, it is important that you take measures protect your spigot from freezing.

Q: What if I drive a truck or car over my hose?
PIRIT Hoses are constructed with sturdy PVC and can tolerate normal wear and tear. As with any hose, if you drive over it a limited number of times, it should still function properly. If you drive over it repeatedly, it will tear and will no longer function. Use proper care and judgment. Please be especially careful with the ends of the PIRIT Hose which house its electronic components--thermostat, splices and cord set.

Made in the USA