Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate De-Icer 250/750 Watt

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Floating or submersible in one convenient de-icer!

The new "Perfect Climate" line from K&H Manufacturing has "reinvented the wheel" when it comes to keeping ice free water available in winter ponds. The Deluxe Perfect Climate Pond De-icer is safe in all ponds, unlike many of the other de-icers available in the market today. 

The Perfect Climate Pond De-icer can be used as a floating de-icer out of the box or in seconds converts to a submersible de-icer with the click of a button! In the past, all that was readily available were energy gulping 1000 watt to 1500 watt de-icers; pond owners had no choice but to purchase these expensive to run de-icers, even when they did not need it. K&H solved this problem by creating a whole line of de-icers along with a convenient zone chart for consumers to choose the correct de-icer, every time! When it comes to ice free ponds, K&H Perfect Climate is the choice that makes cents!


• Floating or submersible in one convenient de-icer
• Available in 250 watt or 750 watt (select at checkout), refer to our convenient zone chart for the proper choice
• Safe in all ponds and will not harm pond liners
• Easy to maintain and clean
• 6" x 6" x 5"
• 12' cord
• 2 year warranty
• ETL Listed to UL STD. 499 and CSA STD. C22.2 NO. 64

Save Energy with the Correct Choice!

See our Convenient Zone Chart for the correct de-icer size