Nite Guard Solar-Powered Night Predator Protector

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State-of-the-art predator protection against nocturnal feral animals!

Nite Guard Solar is based on scientific research. A flash of light implies to all animals that hunt or feed at night that they have been “discovered” or are being watched. This is their deepest fear and forces them to flee the area. A simple, but effective concept for controlling night predators. 

Use the Nite Guard Solar to PROTECT:

POULTRY and LIVESTOCK against coyote, fox, bear, mountain lion, wolf, bobcat, owls, hawks, mink, weasel, and skunk

GARDENS (flowers, sweet corn), ORCHARDS, VINEYARDS against deer and raccoon

•BIRD FEEDERS, PURPLE MARTIN HOUSES, FISH PONDS against raccoon, hawks, owls, blue heron and bear

•CAMPSITES, CABINS, and PROPERTY against bear, raccoon, mountain lion and even human intruders

Mount the Nite Guard Solar-Powered Predator Protector to a tree trunk, stake, post or wall.

Mount Nite Guard Solar to a tree, post or wall

State-of-the-art, solar-powered, weatherproof unit is guaranteed to keep out all nighttime predators.

• Maintenance-free, solar-powered units require neither batteries nor electricity.
• Units are completely sealed, protecting against moisture and are high/low temperature resistant.
• Red flashing light automatically turns on at dusk and off at full daylight.
• Concept is simple, but it WORKS! Predators believe the flash to be the eye of another organism and feel threatened, so they stay away.
• Multiple unit locations are most effective. 

Nite Guard Solar-Powered Predator Protector 4 Unit System

We recommend a 4 unit set up that projects red flashing lights north, east, south and west protecting approaches. 

Save $$ when you purchase multiple units! Discount given at checkout.



1.Remove the black, protective tape that covers the solar panel.
2.Install the light in the area to be protected and where it will receive about 4-hours of daylight (See “Positioning Your Nite Guard” below).
3.Each unit has a tab on the top which will accept a screw for mounting on a post or stake. Even though they are very well built, do not attempt to hammer on or jar the unit excessively as this could cause internal damage.
NOTE: Nite Guard will begin to operate the very first night, however, it will take 3-4 days for the light to be become fully charged. If the light is placed in an area where it will not receive enough sunlight to maintain its charge you may see the operation of the light become weak or even stop. In this situation, simply place the light in direct sunlight for a 1-2 day period or until fully charged. This product is designed for outdoor use. It is light sensitive, meaning it provides protection all night ... dusk to dawn.


Predator type animals are very determined to get at your poultry, livestock, or crops and will circle the entire area searching for a safe entry. They must see the flash to be repelled, therefore the correct positioning of the light is critical. All four sides of the area must be protected by the flash—this may require 4 or more Nite Guard units. You will be the best judge of the final positioning of your Nite Guard because each area is different in terms of terrain, buildings, high grass, brush, and trees. Position the lights at approximately eye level with the predator to be stopped and make every effort to mount the lights in an open area. The flash can be seen from up to a half mile away and the predators will shrink back from it the instant they are aware of it. Be creative with your positioning using the suggested mounting instructions as a guideline.

Maintenance Free: Nite Guard is weather proof and has been tested to withstand rain, snow and ice. It was subject to the full fury of Hurricane Katrina and did not miss a beat. It will also operate fully in below zero temperatures.

Off-Season Storage: Storing the light during “off-season” will extend the Nite Guard lifespan. Simply place the light indoors where daylight will not hit the solar bar. The light will automatically deactivate after a day or two. To reinstall, follow the same instructions as you would a new light.

Installation Instructions For Deer, Owls, Hawks, Large and Small Animal Predators