TimelapseCam Digital Garden & Project Camera

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Wingscapes Timelapse Digital Camera

See time fly by with the TimelapseCam!

The TimelapseCam allows you to capture a day, week or month-long project in only minutes! This camera is simple to set up, works automatically and allows you to document construction projects, weather, landscaping, kids, parties and other events.

The TimelapseCam is loaded with features. It includes a high quality, glass lens with variable focus from 6 inches to infinity. With easy to follow on screen instructions, simple navigation buttons, two memory options, and tripod mounts, this versatile camera equips you with all you need to watch the world in fast forward! The TimelapseCam is built to last outdoors, with its rugged, lockable, weatherproof case. See time fly by with the TimelapseCam.

Note: For Video and Night Flash capabilities see the advanced TimelapseCam Pro Digital Camera


Photo Format: JPEG, Low - 640x480, Medium - 1600x1200, High - 2592x1944, Enhanced - 3264x2428
Image Output: SD Card
Operational Modes: Time Lapse
Housing: Weather-resistant and lockable
LCD Status Display: Yes
Memory Card: Up to 32GB SD Card
Focus: 6 inches to Infinity
Infrared Sensor: Passive
Power Supply: 6 C-Cell Batteries
Battery Life: Run Time = 180 Days; Standby = 300 Days
Dimensions: 6.9 in x 5.4 in x 2.8 in    

Wingscapes TimelapseCam

TimelapseCam 8.0 Digital Camera

TimelapseCam 8.0 Digital Camera

TimelapseCam 8.0 Digital Camera

TimelapseCam Solar Power Panel (available at checkout). Imagine never having to worry about changing the batteries in your BirdCam or TimelapseCam again. Wingscapes' PowerPanel ensures a continued power source for the BirdCam and the TimelapseCam. With the PowerPanel you never have to worry about missing a shot because of dead batteries. Wingscapes' PowerPanel uses innovative software to combine a solar panel and built-in 12-volt battery, extending camera life indefinitely in the field.

Wingscapes Solar Power Panel

Mounting Options: The TimelapseCam comes with a tripod mount, mounting strap and versatile mounting bracket. The camera also be used with a BirdCam Mounting Arm or a Vortex Summit Tripod (Available at checkout).

Optional Audubon Birdcam Pole Mounting Arm

BirdCam Mounting Arm - Mount to any metal garden pole. Bird feeder and pole not included.

Vortex  Pro GT Summit Tripod w/BirdCam

You can expand what you target with the Timelapse Cam by setting up with Vortex Pro GT Summit Tripod. Perfect for locations that lack trees or other stable platforms to mount the camera. Includes attachments for mounting the Timelapse Cam, spotting scopes, photography with SLR, video cameras, digital cameras and binoculars. Includes deluxe carry case and a 3 yr warranty. (Available at checkout)