Songbird Easy Leaf Mister

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Watch hummingbirds fly through the mist!

With a mister you can provide fresh water by gently spraying a mist over foliage creating a camouflage from the bigger predators and attracting fast flying hummingbirds which a very hard to spot. The Songbird Easy Leaf Mister simply screws onto the end of a garden hose. Comes with a 6" "S" hook for hanging on a limb, or wrought iron plant crane. Either place the hummingbirds love to zip through the mist.  Made in the USA!

An added benefit of the Songbird Easy Leaf Mister is it attracts birds including Warblers (who don't normally visit feeders), and many other birds to stop by for a refreshing "Leaf Bath"...Watch how they use the wet leaves as a "wash cloth".

Dimensions:  4" x 1.5" x 1.5"

Made in the USA