Coates Purple Martin House Add-A-Floor Kit

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For growing Purple Martin colonies!

Invite more purple martins to come live in your colony with the Coates Purple Martin House Add-a-Floor. This addition allows you to increase your mansion's capacity by 4 more compartments. The more space you have to offer, the more martins you'll attract, and the more nestlings you'll have grow into adults and return year after year. Coates also gives you all the equipment you need to make the Add-a-Floor an ideal addition to your existing house: porch dividers to prevent male domination skirmishes, guard rails to protect nestlings from falling out of the house, and door plugs for covering holes during your martins' absence. Assembly required.

Note: Roof not included with Add-A-Floor

Available for Coates Original (shown above), SREH and WatersEdge Purple Martin Houses (Please specify at checkout)


WatersEdge Add-A-Floor

Coates WatersEdge Add-A-Floor

Coates Starling Resistant Entrance Hole (SREH) Add-A-Floor