Coates Purple Martin House Predator Guard Kit

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Protect your Coates Purple Martin House from unwanted predators!

These owl guards are a very effective way to protect martins from unwanted predators. The guard rods attach easily and pop off from their clamps to allow landlords access for monitoring. For 8-Room (2-Floor), 12-Room (3-Floor), & 16-Room (4-Floor) houses. (Please specify at checkout)

The predator guard kit may be installed to prevent predation by flying predators such as owls and hawks. This kit includes 8, 12 or 16 aluminum guard rails that are vertically positioned, guarding the entrance holes of each compartment.

You will need to drill holes in your house to attach the included clips and screws before snapping on the aluminum guard poles. Install this Predator Guard Kit to keep your martin colony safe.

This kit fits all three Coates lines of martin mansions, the "Original", the "SREH", and the "WatersEdge". Assembly required. Made in the USA!