Coates Starling Resistant Replacement Doors

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Coates Starling Resistant Replacement Doors

Attach the Coates Starling Resistant Doors to any of your Coates Purple Martin Houses to prevent pesky intruders from taking over. Purple martins return to the same colony every year, but if starlings move in while the martins are gone, you may lose your martins forever. The crescent shape of these door coverings allows martins access, but deters starlings that prefer larger round holes. Once you screw on the panel, it has two slots that allow you to attach your porch dividers and decrease male porch domination battles. Remove your porch dividers and swing the Starling Resistant Doors up for easy observation and cleaning. Attach these doors to your houses right away to keep your purple martins safe from starlings.

Available in 6 Doors/Pack or 8 Doors/Pack (Select at checkout)

Made in the USA