Best Nest Builder Tri-Pak

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The perfect compliment to backyard bird feeding, and bird watching!

  • Provides all natural nesting material
  • Goldfinches absolutely love it
  • Perfect compliment to thistle seed, sunflower or mixed feeding
  • Hang freely near feeder, from tree-limb, post or any suitable object
  • Field tested and proven
  • Lasts all season -- weatherproof

Best Nest Builder provides an all natural material for nesting birds. Goldfinches will love to add this soft cotton-like material to their nest. The weatherproof material makes a perfect compliment to nearby bird feeders. Best if it is put up in May and July for most birds though late nesting Goldfinches will use it until mid-August. Add orange and yellow yarn (or even place a sliced orange nearby) to attract orioles. The amount included makes up a roughly 15 inch ball of material.

3 Nest Builder Balls/Pack