Ivy Leaf Dripper with Pebble Base

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Attract birds to your yard with moving water!

Available with Pebble Base!

The subtle "drip, drip" of a dripper is a visual magnet to any bird. When they see the ripples across the surface of your birdbath, they are drawn to it and stay a while! Each dripper comes with our exclusive custom dripper valve that regulates the flow of water from your outdoor faucet or a recirculating pump. Just one drip per second, one pint of water per hour, turns your birdbath into an attractive gathering place for your feathered friends.

IVY LEAF DRIPPER - This beautiful Ivy Leaf Dripper is hand-made out of copper. Coms with a pebble base. The dripper comes with an exclusive custom dripper valve to control the drips. Includes all parts necessary for installation: 50' of ¼" tubing, regulating valve, faucet fitting and a Y valve. Made in the USA!

Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 8"

Made in the USA