Decorative handcrafted bird seed wreath for backyard bird lovers!

The Spring/Summer Birdie Wreath provides a great source of high energy to your backyard birds, which have a very high metabolism. Seed cakes are a great alternative to loose seed feeding and may be used to attract a wide variety of birds or a select few. This seed cake doubles as its own wreath-shaped feeder and it is small enough that several may be hung to establish multiple feeding zones. The convenience and size of the Birdie Wreath make it an ideal way to offer your birds a high-energy supplement. The Birdie Wreath is developed for year-round feeding and consists of the finest seeds and nuts to attract a variety of wild birds. Packed with Black Oil Sunflower, Peanuts, Safflower Seed, and Red Millet. Includes self-hanging cord. Makes a wonderful gift for the backyard bird lover. Made in the USA!

Dimensions: 3" diameter x 10.5" W x 10.5"L; Weight: 2.25 lbs

Made in the USA

Spring/Summer Birdie Wreath