Achla African Daisy Red Birdbath w/Over Rail Brkt.

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Add beauty and function to your garden landscape! 

Achla African Daisy Red Birdbath w/Over Rail Bracket - Update your deck railing to the delight of your feathered friends when you add the Achla Red African Daisy Bird Bath with Over Rail Bracket to it. Placing a bird bath in your outdoor sanctuary is a fantastic way to invite these animals to the area, while imbuing a bit of personal style to the area. A ring of impressed petal shapes rests inside this generous, 16" diameter bowl, and a textured red paint on these sections brings drama and dimension to the item. This finish also covers the center, 4.75" diameter depression, and these elements combine to perfectly evoke a spoon petal type daisy. A 0.625" wide edge around this stepped basin creates perching spots for many birds, and the significant bath enables a flock of birds to preen simultaneously. Its 2.25" depth keeps small birds safe, bolstered by the textured paint. The gleaming brass body adds elegance and shine to your backyard, while remaining functional and lovely for several seasons. Attach the included bracket to your wooden deck rail, and secure it with the included eyehook for a hardy connection without any hardware. The arched design of the bracket is perfect for deck rails between 1" and 6" wide, and the large screw keeps this piece in place using pressure, making it great for use on apartment and condominium balconies. Its wrought iron construction and black, powder coated finish protect this piece from the elements, and an upwardly facing, threaded screw seamlessly connects to the port on the base of the bath. This substantial assembly creates a focal point on your railing thanks to its bright tones, robust body, and generous size. Provide backyard birds with a place to drink and bathe while adding interest to your garden landscape with our African Daisy Red Birdbath with Rail Mount Bracket! Some assembly required.

Bowl Dimensions: 16" diameter x 4" deep
Made of solid Brass, with Red Patina accents.
Overall Dimensions: 16" dia. x 4.5"H bath, 9.25"L x 3.25"W x 5.5"H bracket
Mounting: place bracket over railing

Construction: brass bath, wrought iron bracket