Glass Barometer with Cast Iron Holder

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Monitor air pressure and predict incoming storms!

Glass Barometer with Cast Iron Holder - Accurately predict incoming storms in your area with the Glass Barometer with Cast Iron Holder. This tool uses methods originating from the 17th century to monitor air pressure and predict rain. Fill the teardrop-shaped glass vessel with water, and note its level in the spout. During high pressure, water stays near the base of the spout and indicates good weather. As the air pressure lowers, the water will rise in the tube, and will even drip out of the spout to warn you of an incoming storm. This glass vessel perfectly nestles in the included, cast iron hanger, adding a graceful look to your area. Attach the holder to a wall, and enjoy its deep brown color and antique finish. Use the included syringe to fill the vessel with distilled water, and color it with food dye if desired for easy visibility. Monitor air pressure easily with the Glass Barometer with Cast Iron Holder.
Note: Water is not included in this barometer. You must use distilled water for accurate readings.
Dimensions: 5.25"W x 4.25"D x 10.875"H holder, 4.5"W x 3.625"D x 9"H barometer; Weight: 4 lbs

Mounting: wall mount

Construction: cast iron, glass