Audubon Ultimate Renewable Bamboo Bluebird House

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North American Bluebird Society Approved!

Attract Bluebirds and Tree Swallows to your yard!

Audubon Ultimate Renewable Bamboo Bluebird House - Help sustain both bluebird populations and natural resources using the Audubon Ultimate Renewable Bamboo Bluebird House. Unique detailing such as vertical impressed lines, an integrated predator guard, and overhanging roof create this classic shelter, and its size is specifically designed for bluebirds. Made of lasting bamboo, this nest box provides your feathered friends a durable and safe nesting area. A 1.5" diameter entry hole sits near the top of the shelter, surrounded by a wooden block which prevents predators from reaching into the unit. A dark brown, pitched roof with overhang directs water away from this opening, while a matching base completes the effect. Attach a mounting bracket to this base for placement on a post, or use screws (not included) through the predrilled holes on the back for affixing it to a wall or fence. Routed horizontal lines on the inside of the shelter help nestlings reach the entry hole, and the side panel opens for periodic nest checks. Made from bamboo, the home naturally deters water and insect pests, and this wood grows quickly and easily for an easily replenished material. The brown and tan hues showcase the beauty of wood, and a rendering of bamboo on the front of the unit adds a touch of style. Offer bluebirds a durable shelter by placing the Audubon Ultimate Renewable Bamboo Bluebird House in your garden.

Includes 1-1/2" integrated predator guard for Eastern Bluebirds


* 1-1/2 inch entry hole with predator guard
* Enjoy watching bluebirds nest
* Excellent ventilation
* Easy open side panel for cleaning
* Bamboo is naturally insect, squirrel and weather resistant

Opening: 1.5" dia.

Dimensions: 7.75"L x 6.25"W x 12.125"H; Weight: 6 lbs.

Mounting: pole or post mount

Construction: bamboo

Build a Bluebird Trail!
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